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Editorial: Filthy games lead nowhere

Even, after the Consultative Loya Jirga called for the release of 400 of the remaining 5,000 Taliban prisoners, the insurgents denied to recognize the government of Afghanistan—in tit for tat, the government said the Taliban are not representing any tribe in the country. This as the Taliban claims to have more territory under their control while the government refutes it with contested areas. Both sides – Afghan government and the Taliban are seemed to have engaged in dirty games of accusing each other, undermining the peace process for tiny issues. The Afghans, who suffered a lot, don’t really care who belongs to which tribe, what they want is peace. They are praying for peace and they are rendering huge sacrifices in the path toward peace. The Taliban must make its lane clear, and stop from such remakes which is sensitive and only fuels more war and hostility in the country. The same applies to the government to use soft words in order to reach a compromise. There is no need to blame any party. So far, the government released over 5,000 Taliban prisoners based on an agreement which it was not involved. Who released these prisoners, of course the government did – not the US to whom the Taliban signed agreement for their release. This is a fact that there is an Islamic Republic, and the Taliban must accept this reality. Pessimistically, if the peace process fails, it could prove danger for both, Government and Taliban. In that case war will rage and the released Taliban militants would not hesitate to conduct more attacks—it would deadly indeed. It is like the government has invigorated the Taliban with more power by releasing these 5,000 prisoners. The truth is countries sponsoring Taliban with providing safe havens, military equipments and etc… are never too naïve to support a peace process which is in the benefit of Afghanistan and its people. It sounds like the dirty game under the title of “peace process” is heading nowhere but to pose more damages to Afghanistan.

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