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Editorial: Fragile situation

Two deadly violent acts in Kabul and Kandahar simultaneously in a two days, less than 24 has not only causes lives to precious innocent lives but even it leads to further fueling of miseries amongst people of the country who were made up by imposed wars and terrors in last four decades. Before a deadly blast near to Kabul University on Friday morning, which causes lives to eight and injuries to 33 others, nine out of 12 were civilian in attack against police headquarter at Kandahar on Thursday evening. The National Directorate of Security(NDS) through a statement said the Kandahar attack was plotted in Chaman Baluchistan, having crossing points with Afghanistan. According to NDS the attackers were ordered and led by an individual named Mullah Agha during the attack. In this respect the NDS has sent to media an audio file which apparently shows a telephonic conversation between the attackers and the masterminds. NDS believes that such attempts are aimed at disrupting the ongoing efforts for peace in the country. Within hours another deadly violent act was registered in Kabul whereas an Improvise Explosive Device went off near to southern entrance of Kabul University, killing eight people and injuries to 33 others. Though no any militant group immediately claimed responsibility for this latest attack against students and visitors of highly credible and central university of Afghanistan, but its disowning by Taliban is ironic. But it is crystal clear that both the groups i.e. Taliban and the Islamic State extremists, often stage large-scale bombings in the city. The Taliban and Islamic State generally target Afghan forces and government officials plus civilian areas. Violent acts in parts and parcels of Afghanistan especially in capital Kabul and southern Kandahar provinces are on rise. Likewise, violent acts are also frequently occurring in Western and Western-Northern parts of the country. A report reveal that at least 92 pro-government forces and 45 civilians were killed during another bloody week (July 12 July 19, 2019) of fighting in Afghanistan. The deadliest of the attacks took place in Badghis province, where 46 Afghan commandos who had been planning a raid on a Taliban prison ended up near the house of the Taliban shadow governor in the Aab Kamari district, where both sides fought for seven hours. Thirty-five commandos and four civilians were killed; four others were taken prisoners by insurgents, according to some reports. Elsewhere, in Nangarhar province, weeks ago, nine people were killed when a child carried out a suicide attack at a wedding party in Pachiragam district. Among those killed was Malik Tor, a pro-government militia commander, and eight civilians, including a child. Fourteen others were wounded. On Saturday, Sgt. Maj. James G. “Ryan” Sartor, a Special Forces company sergeant major, was killed as a result of injuries sustained from enemy small-arms fire during combat operations, the American military announced. In the wake of increasing violent and terror acts, responsibility rests with the international organs and US as well to think about ways and means for its countering. Most recently Taliban have agreed during intra-Afghan talks held in Doha, to reduce violent acts, but have disowned its responsibility to comply with, terming it a recommendation only. Since that, Taliban group have intensified their assaults, and claimed responsibilities of a number of deadly incidents across the country so far. In the wake of ongoing peace talks, such kind of attack, where civilians are the most victims, could highly derail the peace process.

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