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Editorial: From bad to worse

Kabul residents saw another bloodbath and another mourning day. It is the story of Afghanistan which is repeated and we have forgotten to count. In a glance across the country, it is hard to get good news. Taliban insurgents under their spring offensive ‘Operation Omari’ have intensified attacks which Kabul incident was the deadliest. But as usual, civilians are bearing the brunt of the endless trend of militants’ violent attacks. 28 people, most of them civilians, were killed and 327 were received injuries in a coordinated attack of the Taliban insurgents on the VIPs protection unit in the Kabul on Tuesday morning. Large number of children and women were among wounded people. It is like from bad to worse for Kabul citizens as in the past years they were in at least so-called security and peace. This is first major Kabul attack since the Taliban announced their spring offensive. Security official said that the assault began with a powerful suicide car bomb attack on the compound gates of the agency. The car bomb was very much powerful that it shattered windowpanes in nearby buildings and markets. President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah condemned Kabul deadly car bombing in a strongest and possible terms. President Ghani said that such cowardly terrorist attacks would not weaken the will and determination of Afghan security forces to fight against terrorism. Condemning the attack, Abdullah said that political elites to prioritize the national interests and defy terror attacks, insisting that the Afghan forces have clear orders to destroy enemies anytime and anywhere in the country. But what is more complicating in here is that, how the Taliban insurgents made their way and carryout such massive attacks in Kabul where security checkpoints are in everywhere that makes difficult for the Taliban to hide their explosive-laden vehicle in that area. Why such thing should go easily. The Afghan security officials are well aware that Taliban group warned that they would employ large-scale attacks across Afghanistan. A few days back, two terrorists were arrested by Kabul police who wanted to carryout suicide attacks. There is no doubt that security officials are making last-ditch efforts to prevent inhuman acts of the enemies of Afghanistan. However, much work must be done in area of security as the insurgents are hell-bent on killing Afghans in uniform and civilians. President Ghani and the CEO Abdullah should question security officials and let the nation know about the grey area that how Taliban manage to carry deadly attack in Kabul. It was a heart-wrenching tragedy that left hundreds of families in mourn, and there is no more energy left for the Afghans to see their nearest and dearest one to be killed in different act of violence not only in Kabul, but in every nook and cranny of the country.

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