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Editorial: Fuel prices are getting high ahead of winter

Like the past years the prices of fuel have already getting high while there are two months to winter. People generally use firewood, coal, gas and oil to heat their houses, shops and offices. The firewood and coal are provided from domestic forests and mines, but we have to import oil, gas and electricity from the neighboring countries.

These materials are imported by government and private sector. There is a little difference in the fuel supply in government and private suppliers. The pricing of fuel and other essentials such as foodstuff is done by private sector by their favorite and they increase it any time they want, especially at the eve of the winter when the demand increase.

People complain of the jumping of the prices considering their low income and the expanding joblessness that have made them unable to afford. The rate of unemployment is increasing day by day and nobody pays attention to this major social and economic problem. Increasing insecurity is called as the basic element of joblessness.

Economic analysts believe that the increase of the prices of the fuel and other essentials is the work of the local and foreign mafia that seek benefits by pressing markets and at last the people.

Unfortunately, the government runners are busy in problems and disagreements among themselves. They spend most of their work hours in accusing and blaming each other for the valueless issues.

The private sector takes part in about 80 percent of business in every country, but the governments fully probe their activities and the business companies are even given policy and price that neither the suppliers nor the people are harmed.

Here, most of the import and export is limited by the high ranking officials in the government. The majority of business companies belong to these officials who are looking only for filling their pockets and bank accounts.

Elsewhere, the so-called ‘open market’ has allowed the importers to neglect the law and increase and decrease the prices as they want.

The government as the main policy maker organ is responsible to evaluate the markets and determine the quality and price of the merchandise.

The open market does not mean to sell your goods by any price. The government should launch competition programs in the markets which is useful in lowering the prices.

If the situation goes ahead like this and if the government remains inattentive, there will be a human tragedy in the winter time.

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