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Editorial: Fueling tension on dead body

Certain circles in Pakistan are now bent upon to exploit alleged hurdles and delay in handing over dead body of slain police officer Tahir Khan Dawar at Torkham. Soon after getting the dead body from a tribal elders delegations headed by Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar, Pakistan’s Deputy Interior Affairs Minister Sheheryar Afridi has addressed a press conference in Peshawar whereas he has denounced what he called negative behavior of the Afghan government. And similarly Afghanistan’s Charge D Affairs in Islamabad was summoned time and again on a single, handing over him identical words protest pertained to “Pakistan’s concern over hurdles in handing over dead body.” Similarly later not only officials and pro-government political activists but even Pakistan army’s spokesperson also issued statements, fingering Afghanistan government or its law enforcing and secret agencies involvement in kidnapping and assassination of Tahir Dawar. And in according to “advises” the state run and private television channels, around over two dozen throughout Pakistan focused its night transmissions and debates on shifting of Tahir Khan Dawar’s dead body from Afghanistan. Almost government loyal or “oppressed” anchors and analysts have made their bests to “fix or confirm” involvement of Afghanistan and a recently established pressure group Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) in the whole episode right from picking up Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police officer Tahir Khan Dawar from Islamabad on October 26 and recovery of his dead body from a far flung village Dur Baba Nangarhar, as well handing over of dead at Torkham.” In fact, earlier son Hamid Ul Haq had blamed Afghanistan in mysteriously assassination of his father Maulana Sami Ul Haq. Still the Pakistan’s law, enforcing agencies had failed in making public its outcomes regarding probe into mysterious killing of a great politico-religious leader in a well-guarded and secure locality of federal capital Islamabad, which is in the list of internationally declared “safe city.” Whatever might be intrigues behind these two high profile murders but it also provided an opportunity to opposition leaders, public opinion makers and others to condemn the law enforcing agencies for its complete failure in protecting lives and properties of people in Islamabad like most sensitive city. No one can neglect the fact that prolonged trends of terror later on followed by mysterious acts of target killing, kidnapping for ransom and extortion had made crippled almost of the Pakhtoons throughout Pakistan. Later the patience of Pakhtoons reached to its peak when they were forced to abandon homes for what the rulers claimed making successful military actions against terrorists. But the outcomes remain disappointing when upon repatriation to their demolished, looted and plundered homes, they again welcomed with frequent acts of target killing, mysterious kidnapping and other violent acts. The disgruntled Pakhtoon youngsters have indigenously established a group calling Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM). On the eve of Tahir Khan Dawar’s Janaza at Hayatabad Peshawar late on Wednesday, grieved mourners have chanted slogans not only against Pakistan’s law enforcing, armed forces and secret agencies but even they chanted slogans in favour of an independent state of Pakhtoons. This is a danger signal to Pakistan, and it’s better for Islamabad to realize the fact that such baseless accusation against Afghanistan will one day destroy Pakistan to separate pieces. This is in the best interest of Pakistan to stop blame game with Kabul administration, and instead honestly stand with it in the fight against terror.

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