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Editorial: Get Daesh serious

The Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist group is a real threat, and it would be vast slip-up if further reluctance to be made toward its elimination. They are still engaged in their vicious campaign against commoners. It has been for years now that fighters operating inside Afghanistan under the black banner of Daesh terrorists are largely engaged in carrying out evil activities. Daesh crime is crystal clear to all of us. The group is too dodgy to think. We all know what the group did last year, especially against civilians. Their crime is like open book. This process of expansion of the so-called IS is not dissimilar to the growth of al-Qaeda in the 1990s. The government has to be checked their movements via taking bold steps against them, and if did not so, none can imagine their atrocities level at the upcoming times. They have carried out several deadliest attacks across the country—where the most perilous one was attack on peaceful demonstrators in Kabul which killed and wounded tens of innocent people. The group also claimed the recent military hospital attack, but however, security organizations are not sure the group did this.

Not only Daesh, but Taliban and other terrorist outfits are the enemies, and we want them to be eliminated entirely. A comprehensive fight against Daesh terrorists is of the essence. Don’t let Daesh get away with genocide so easily, and the government should get Daesh seriously. In eastern Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar province, Daesh is still at large for their crimes rather than to any other parts of the country. A group of women who were held in captive by Daesh terrorists said the terror group kept them in confined quarters for days at a time. Not only they were kept in dark places, but also not allowed to pray and their children could not cry or make noise. According to media report, the women were captured by Daesh in Nangarhar province in early 2016, and were held captive for more than four months before they were released as part of a prisoner-swap deal negotiated by tribal elders. Fearing retribution from Daesh, the women did not disclose the atrocities of the terror group for almost a year.

In the ages of history, none kidnapped women. This act of Daesh is against women’s right and absolute in contrary with the Islamic teachings in preserving women rights. Tears rolled down from one of woman’s eye as she remembered her son and the harsh days she spent in Daesh captivity. It is obvious that Daesh and Taliban are not opposed to each other. The national security adviser has recently said that people who are now saying that Daesh is the enemy of Taliban and Taliban will fight Daesh are wrong. He is correct as both the group is killing innocents. They are the two sides of the same coins. Since Afghanistan has recently seen a surge in the terrorists’ activities, the government should establish a new special military unit to target all insurgent groups in general, but the Daesh terrorists in particular.

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