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Editorial: Get it down

The government has to undertake serious efforts to preserve, diversify and intensify its relations with all the regional countries, and the world, except Pakistan—a hostile neighbor. After deadly intercontinental hotel attack, Kabul must cut off its all diplomatic channels with Pakistan unless the country to shun supporting, and harboring insurgent outfits. Officially, 18, including 14 foreigners had been killed after the Taliban gunmen stormed the hotel. But there are conflicting reports on casualty tolls—some media even said over 40 killed. The six Taliban insurgents—an extremist group that claimed responsibility for the attack, had been killed by the brave Afghan security forces after more than 14 hours standoff. Some guest caught between life and death, major of them rescued by the Afghan security forces, while some of them had taken self-measure to save their skin. But the Ministry of Interior had put Haqqani terrorist network behind the hotel attack, and said six insurgents were involved, while the Taliban insurgents reported of five fighters. Looking into the nature of the Taliban insurgents, they (Taliban) are lying amid at preserving others interest. The Taliban, from its leadership to its ordinary fighters, are champions in stretching out. They (Taliban) are claiming to safe their master’s (Pakistan) head from cutting off. Haqqani terrorist network has been enjoying safe sanctuaries and other privileges in Pakistan by direct support of ISI. No doubt that the attackers were affiliated with the Pakistan-based Haqqani terrorist network. Now when 14 foreign guests, including nine Ukrainians, and one person each from Greece and Kirgizstan, and some from Germany which is not clear yet, had been killed, while three others still unidentified, Pakistan being a twofold state has immediately ordered its salves—the Taliban insurgents to jump up for credit with displaying fake footages and fighters number. Shocked by the tragic news, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a statement said, “Ukrainian citizens, employees of the Ukrainian airline, fell victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul.” The entire world stood in solidarity with the Afghan government and the people, but, kindly asking them that mere condemnation is not enough; let’s storm Pakistan to prevent another intercontinental-like attack to kill not only Afghans, but foreigners as well. It is Pakistan’s military establishment that supports these evil forces. Several evidences already showed the country’s involvement in deadly attacks in Kabul, including May 31 in which more than 650 Kabul residents martyred and wounded. Pakistan’s Prime Minister admitted that three or four insurgents entered Afghanistan from Pakistan and carried out the deadly May truck bombing. Like this plenty of proof is here. This terrorist act had shocked the entire world beside Afghan masses with delivering condolences to the victims and their bereaved families. Pakistan is the biggest enemy not only to Afghan masses, but to entire people in the world based on proven fact of supporting various militant outfits. The Taliban, and other terrorist insurgents must turn out from extremism-backing by the Pakistani officials, with looking into the life from another lens of peace, love, and harmony. Life is beautiful. One day, one hour, and minute will never return. Let’s spread peace not hatred.

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