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Editorial: Ghani intends to remain in power

President Ashraf Ghani has made public his intension to be remaining occupant of the important office for another term for which elections will be held in coming months. President Ghani has announced the decision on the day when Russian Federation’s Foreign Minister announced going to host an international moot on Afghanistan whereas beside other main stake holders, representatives of Taliban Political Office Qatar and Afghan government would go for first ever direct talks with each others. At this it is premature to say something about outcomes of Moscow moot but it could be considered a good move in connection with return of peace, tranquility, political stability and economic prosperity in war devastated motherland. Each and every countryman welcomes such initiatives for their better future. In according to constitution, not only President Ashraf Ghani but each and every one is having the right to contest polls for the President Office and parliamentary berths. But responsibility rests with the Afghans to choose competent, capable and acceptable person to lead the country, resolve its internal and external issues and address genuine and lawful miseries of the people. Only Afghans are the best judges to decide about outcomes or performances of President Ashraf Ghani. No doubt that he led the country at the time when US allied troops ends ground operation in connection with war on terror and now focusing on what it call “targeted actions.” During his tenure relations with some of the regional and neighboring countries especially Pakistan further deteriorated. Time and again not only crossing points between the two neighboring countries shuttered for pedestrians and bilateral trade but even bloody clashes occurred between border security forces, causing losses. As a result of Afghan government’s failure or shortfalls, Pakistan enabled in materializing its military dominated establishment’s long standing dreams, which even didn’t by previous British colonial like powerful regime-fencing of controversial Durand Line. Except stereo type condemnation, neither Ashraf Ghani nor any member of his cabinet made a strong worded protest to Pakistan on this one sided act, which made uncertain millions of Pakhtoons from both sides. Moreover, worst incidents like fall of Kunduz, Ghazni and several other major cities and towns to the resistance forces registered. Beside Taliban militants, the Islamic States also known as Daesh militants become another threat to the very future, as well as sovereignty and solidarity of Afghanistan has flooded almost northern Afghanistan after establishing strong holds in certain districts of eastern zone. Unlike of recent past, President Ashraf Ghani also neglected leaders of other politico-religious and Jihadic parties in making important decisions. In according to previous sessions of traditional Loya Jirga, before of 2019 Presidential elections another session of Loya Jirga is mandatory for re-visiting the constitution for certain amendments and addressing anomalies in administration, armed forces and relations with foreign world. One may can differ but before going to fresh presidential polls, majority of Afghans are uncertain about future of their motherland in the wake of fencing of controversial Durand Line, increasing influence of Daesh and other foreign militant groups, undeclared alliance of militants with Iran, Russia and Pakistan and complete isolation of Pakhtoons living along the Durand Line. In such a circumstances, genuine representatives of Afghans from all segments should be given a chance to set across for suggesting ways and means to resolve the issues and avert emerging threats to the future of Afghans sovereignty and solidarity at this crucial stage.

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