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Editorial: Ghani’s false impression

The Afghan social media users made fun of President Ashraf Ghani’s claim of ordering the foreign forces to leave Afghanistan. In addition to several other false claims, Ghani made a mockery remark of- driving the U.S. forces out of Afghanistan- during his visit to the southeastern Khost province, where, he has gone to inaugurate the state-airport. But what he did in action shows a completely contrariwise. His top security aid, Hamdullah Mohib earlier hinted that Afghanistan would have preferred the U.S. exit to come after some years, citing the low capacity of the air force and other infrastructures. To take a look at the Afghan peace process and recent two years, Ghani and his administration paid their best to convince the Americans to remain for a bit longer in Afghanistan. It is undeniable that the Taliban is a destructive and subversive group that has also caused severe violence and human losses rather than giving itself to the peace negotiations. But the Afghans expected- as he claimed himself elected and democratic leader- to take tremendous steps towards the Afghan peace process and bring stability in Afghanistan. Instead of focusing on peace process, he threw stones on the path to peace- with holding an election that engaged into corruption and triggered more troubles then as the disagreement was looming over the result of the election between the two feuding leaders (Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani) – while Afghanistan has literally seen a great opportunity for stability and peace to end the longest war. He also didn’t let go of his hope to remain on power even after the U.S. and Taliban reached a peace deal that laid out the withdrawal of foreign forces. He put arms around under his chain, waiting for a change of power at the White House that may give his administration more privilege either militarily or politically as the Trump’s administration has then sidelined the Afghan government from negotiations with the Taliban. This feuding policy of Ghani has failed him in politics- he is currently scrambling with lack national consensus in the country- and absence of political leaders around him- as he had once made a U-turn to all of them, flaunting on his western supporters. After all, the people remember every action of him during his tenure of presidency, and therefore, giving such false remarks reflects his mistaken of people’s awareness regarding his administration.

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