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Editorial: Government forces should take care of civilian lives

An incident took place last month in the Behsood district of Wardak province, was in ambiguity and the people did not know what really happened there that a number of our country-fellows were martyred and injured. The issue came out of ambiguity after a fact finding team assigned by the government shared the result of their report with the public through the media.

At least 11 people were killed and more than 30 injured in police gunshots in the remote area surrounded by high mountains and far from big cities and business places. The government’s team said in a report that all the dead and wounded of the incident occurred in January were civilians. This denied allegations that the demonstrators were holding arms and that they opened fire at police before being targeted by police officers.

This is not the first time that civilians are attacked by government forces and there have been reports of frequent attacks against the helpless people who keep the hope eyes on the security forces to provide them with security in different areas.

The United Nations usually holds government forces accountable for notable numbers of civilian casualties in its reports. The reports blame government forces for targeting civilians say that most of these incidents take place in the south and eastern areas.

The people, who have been never involved in the clashes during the 40 years of conflict, are at the first line of giving sacrifices. The foreign troops were held responsible for a large number of casualties when on the combat mission by carrying out night raids and air strikes. Now, the government forces seem to take the place of foreign soldiers after the end of the international combat mission in killing of civilians.

Suspending of the provincial police chief is a good step towards reduction of civilian casualties by government forces, but this will not help those families lost their loved ones to get relief. This was not a mistake and police were ordered to intentionally shoot civilians as it was clear that they were not armed.

This incident should be a lesion for security forces to be more cautious during operations and take care of civilian lives more than they did in the past.

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