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Editorial: Government is under public criticisms over increased unrest

The government has come under criticisms by the people who are angrily asking for peace and stability. The security incidents such as magnetic bombings and targeted killings that have recently come to their peak by killing innocent and helpless people on daily basis in the capital and many provinces particularly in big cities, have caused people lose their patience as well as trust to the administration that is responsible for their security of lives, properties and honors.

The government has unfortunately done too weak to save people’s lives and properties. This negligence and ignorance of the situation from government is emboldening those who seek their benefits in unrest as armed thefts and robberies carried out in different parts of the country mostly in Kabul city to increase and more threaten people’s daily lives.

This is obvious that patience has its limits and when people’s patience crosses limits then it would be difficult and even impossible to keep them satisfied. The people of Afghanistan have experienced conflicts, bloodshed and destructions that took tens of thousands of lives of the people who were too young to die. The four decades of war looted public and private assets and destroyed basic institutions and infrastructures. The suffering people tolerated these miseries but what is happening since last year is too much.

Religious scholars are murdered, judges, physicians, civil society activists and journalists lose their lives in targeted killings, mosques, hospitals and educational centers are blown up now that were not targeted in the past 40 years.

All these incidents together take people’s patience and they are asking one another that why are they killed, injured or forced to flee their homes?

A religious scholar who had attended at the funeral of Mohammad Atef Attaie, head of the Jamiat-e-Eslah educational and religious institute, angrily called for President Ghani and his government’s resignation, blaming them for being unable to provide security. Attaie was killed in a bombing on Tuesday in Kabul. He is one of tens of clerics who have been mysteriously killed since the past few years.

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