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Editorial: Govt behind unemployment

Till recent it was believed that unemployment had been the byproduct of insecurity which pushed backed the investors. However, on Wednesday the reason became clear. The government is main force involved in joblessness which compelled thousands of youths to leave the country in search of better future. Seeing no ray of hope, these young Afghans made their mind to risk their lives to reach Europe. Briefing the Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of the parliament on unemployment, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Nasrin Oryakhil and Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) head Ahmad Massod Tokhi said that 25,000 posts were lying vacant in 47 government departments. The lawmakers believe that 50,000 posts are lying vacant in governmental organizations. But, the IARCSC head said the numbers of total vacant posts in all 34 provinces is 25, 584.

No matter how many posts are lying vacant, it is the cold-shoulder response of the government which begs answers. It is has been more than one year that the leaders have promised to address the problem. But no considerable steps were taken, except announcement of one short-term employment program which is for illiterate people. The authorities cannot use the highly qualified people as daily wagers. Moreover, the graduation rates rise. The leaders are making fool of the nation especially the jobless youth. The statements of sympathy and hollow promises have eroded public trust and damaged reputation of the National Unity Government (NUG). Despite that the policymakers are not moving behind their futile strategies. They are creating crisis to divert public attention from important challenges. Such policies will not heal the ailing NUG. These strategies are working as poison for the democratic system. This system is a gift. Unknown numbers of Afghans have lost their lives in this process, though they knew that key posts would be occupied by the dual nationality holders.

If this is not the case then the government shall satisfy the curious minds by telling that what strategies it had to create employment opportunities. Those at the help of power shall also explain that why NUG is not hiring people to fill the vacant positions. Joblessness is a serious issue. To overcome this challenge the NUG needs to craft a comprehensive policy which the authorities can execute. Mere filling blank papers with some gibberish will be of no good. It will not buy a time for the government to keep people busy in other problems. It is actually providing an edge to the militant groups. The insurgents will find it very easy to recruit jobless youth. Therefore, serious solution is critical for stability of the country.

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