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Editorial: Grand Jirga

In a bid to discuss the post-US troop’s pullout situation and its impacts on Pakhtoons in the region, the nationalist Awami National Party leadership has announced convening a grand Jirga in end of coming February or in first half of March this year. Beside others leadership from war-stricken Afghanistan will also be invited to the jirga which aimed to ensure return of complete and sustainable peace in the region as well as to block ways for repetition of blunders made by both former USSR and US after signing of Geneva Accord in late 80’s regarding pulling the Soviets troops out of Afghanistan. So far it is premature to further debate outcomes and impacts of proposed Grand Jirga but one needs to welcome and support it in the wake of existing situation-which might be considered a sever threat to the survival of Afghans. Like of late 80’s Afghanistan could face another proxy war amongst the regional and neighbouring countries after pull out of US troops from Afghanistan. Compare to recent past, situation of Afghanistan is different as it has explored more trade and business routes in the wake of Pakistan’s hostile policies. On such grounds, new round of proxy wars amongst the regional and neighbouring countries could lead to world war turmoil. The Jirga announcement made at the time when the US-Taliban agreed on continuation of talks for a negotiated solution to the conflict, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement of opening the Torkham crossing around the clock and our President Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s reservations over US-Taliban talks and suggestion to Taliban leaders to select one of two 1) join main stream of political process and 2) to remain toys in hands of alien countries.  Instead of keeping open the Torkham crossing point around the clock, Premier Imran Khan needs to take notice of hostile attitude of Pakistan’s security forces in crossing point areas towards Afghans. Behavior with Afghans visiting Pakistan is deteriorating day by day and even, Pakistan’s military personnel publically declaring Afghanistan as an enemy country like India and on such grounds maltreating of Afghans is considered justified. Unfortunately majority of the Afghans are happy with the developments made in Doha Qatar but President Ashraf Ghani seems unsatisfied. In fact, US and Taliban leadership are also struck on the issue of future political set up as Taliban are demanding an interim government before their induction in the existing political set up. Earlier President Ghani and US have made a blunder of ignoring previous commitments pertained to convening the traditional Loya Jirga for addressing anomalies in National Constitution, endorsing the political and reconciliation process. Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad seems very sincere in his assignments, therefore, President Ashraf Ghani’s reservations and warnings might emerge a blow to his peace process. Taliban are already under tremendous pressure of their friends and sympathizers who are reluctant to let return of peace and end to terror in Afghanistan. The Afghan leadership especially President Ashraf Ghani like persons needs to remain very careful at this crucial stage. Majority of Taliban leaders are also fed up of prolonged war and hostilities in their motherland and they wants peace, therefore they may be given a chance- and the chance is now  in hands of Afghan leaders whether they are in government or in opposition. They should strive for intra-Afghan dialogue which seems the sole way for pulling Afghanistan and its people out of prolonged imposed war and hostilities in the motherland.

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