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Editorial: Growing Disorders

The ongoing deadly war has weakened even shattered the backbone of Afghanistan, where now its people are scrambling with plenty of challenges. For years, the Afghan masses have been caught in one of the worst humanitarian crises as well. The new figures reveal that just over 18 million people in Afghanistan, including 9.7 million children, desperately need life-saving support. The picture paints a devastating situation in Afghanistan, highlighting the urgent need for a concerted action on the part of the government, aid agencies and donor countries to address the predicament. This is too overwhelming to see almost half of the populations are in need for support. Appallingly, millions of Afghans are suffering from unending fatal war, as well as poverty. A large number of Afghan children have grown in war; they know nothing but violence, and displacement, with no immediate end in sight to the decades-long conflict. According to the latest UN figures, nearly 6,000 people, a third of them children, were killed or injured between January and September last year. This is terrible, and shocking. We are losing our new generations. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leader. They are the victim of undeclared and an imposed war. This also continues to cause extreme physical and psychological harm. The ongoing war has also put a bad impact on the activities of humanitarian agencies. Another big dilemma is Covid-19. Afghanistan is not expecting to receive the coronavirus vaccine in nutshell. This will also impact the exacerbating of the humanitarian crisis. Another gigantic quandary is corruption. We fear that the aid pledged by wealthy nations at a Geneva based conference last November, would end the corruption. Endemic corruption has already brought bad name for the country, but its need of the hour that anti-corruption organizations should closely start monitoring, and see where these money spends. Watching 24 hours per week, would block room for corruption and corrupt officials. Put a glance at the Kabul streets, you would find small children, boys and girls, who are collecting garbage for the fire to cook. During harsh winter they don’t have blankets and heating stuff to warm their houses, while 30 million dollars is being allocated for the Presidential Palace to purchase vegetables only. Moreover, 17 types of beefs are also included in the national budget that has been rejected for the second time by the lawmakers at the parliament. This is heart-wrenching to see half of the population are going to sleep with half or full empty stomachs. Without doubt, it is a desperately bad situation, and needs urgent attention from the international community.

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