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Editorial: Growing sense of insecurity

The recent wave of violence that left hundreds of security forces and civilians dead, underscores the growing insecurity in Afghanistan despite measurements taking by government to end long-year hostilities via announcement of ceasefire. But nothing has changed rather truce caused more bloodshed and the level of insecurity reached the poling point. In the past few months alone, there have been several clashes with fatalities to Afghan security personnel and militants plus to civilians. The latest, dreadful suicide bombings in Kabul, and Nangarhar provinces, which killed more than 100 people and injured over 200, have once again focused attention on the continuing failure of American-led efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan. It seems that US is in a triple bind; it cannot win the war, it cannot halt the war, and it cannot leave. National Unity Government is also responsible for current growing insecurity and huge casualties to the Afghan security forces in the battlefields. Even lawmakers called on government to revoke the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with US, because it was meant to bring peace, but now Afghanistan has been in deep insecurity. BSA was signed in 2014 during first working day of NUG. This pact was a glade tiding to bring stability and welfare to the country and would secure Afghanistan and the world at large from threats posed by terrorist networks. But scenario is completely changed; civilian casualties rise; an already dire security situation is growing with more complexity. Both Taliban and Daesh extremist groups are parts of problem.  There is fighting across the country and security forces bearing the brunt of casualties. Only on Monday we lost over 57 security forces. Hundreds of Taliban insurgents were also killed, but they are not point of focus. What we want is a clear mechanism to prevent loses of security forces. Our brave Afghan security forces are killing and injuring hundreds of Taliban and other militants. On Wednesday over 70 militants were killed in different crackdowns conducted by Afghan security force with support from Afghan Air Forces.  It is time to tell truth to the Afghan masses. No more room left to see our dearest and nearest one being taken from us by senseless act of violence in Kabul or across the country.  The government should take people into account and share problems with them. When a government has people’s support, so no elephant would be dared to stand or carry evil acts to undermine it.

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