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Editorial: Gulf Ocean tension

Amidst continue violence and destruction in all over Afghanistan, tension mounting day by day in all over the region as a result of war like situation in Gulf Ocean whereas the US ship is reached with almost preparation to force Iran for bowing. But so far Iranian authorities are not only reluctant to surrender but they are determined to resist. The war like situation in Gulf Ocean causing unrest in all over Asia in general and Middle East and South Asia in particular. The US already seem unhappy of Pakistan and its official organs through one or the other ways are engaged in motivating of masses against the US alleged intensions of forcing Pakistan to be an ally otherwise it was threatened with dire consequences. So far no any official statement regarding seeking of Pakistan help was made in Washington nor in Islamabad. Afghanistan itself passing through internal rifts and external incursions from last four decades. The imposed wars and hostilities lead to killing of over two million innocent people and inflicted trillions of US dollars to its infrastructures, agro-economic and other socio-politico sectors. The Ocean crises would definitely affect situation in Afghanistan as Afghanistan is sharing a long border with Iran. On the other hand, the Pakistani authorities and organs are always exonerating them of responsibilities regarding “putting own house in order” and blaming the neighbors for misdeeds. Similar might be the situation in case of war between US and Iran. The Organisation of Islamic Countries OIC) is also holding its summit in Riyadh Saudi Arab on May 30th for discussing the unrest in Gulf Ocean, therefore Afghanistan needs to remain very careful and alert at this crucial stage. Since a long, especially after 9/11 Afghanistan is maintaining cordial and friendly relations with all of the regional countries including Saudi Arab and Iran. Both the countries extended unforgettable support to Afghanistan and its possible at crucial times. Afghanistan and its people are unhappy with the war like situation in Gulf Ocean and pray before the US, Iran, Saudi Arab and all other stakeholders to realize their responsibilities as at this stage no one could afford formal war in any part of the world. Before taking guns against each other’s, Washington and Tehran needs to help in resolving of issues through table talks and dialogues. The OIC instead of becoming a party needs to play a role of mediator between the rivals. The formal war between US and Iran could benefit no other than those militants who are engaged in sabotaging of peace and killing of innocent human beings in the whole region, especially in Afghanistan from last four decades. 

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