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Editorial: Gut-wrenching scene

It was a black Saturday. More than 50 people, many of them young pupils below 15 years old lost their lives in a massive bomb blast in Kabul. Over 100 others received injuries. The scene of the blast is gut-wrenching – thousands of wandering around the area of massacre in the holy month of Ramadan. Nothing is as painful as to see your child is dying just because they are getting ready for graduation or trying to fulfill the most basic pillar of “Islamic Obligation” which is pursuing education and knowledge. This is not the first incident that shocked the entire nation. Multiple attacks on schools, mosques, shrines, learning courses, universities, wedding halls, maternity wards and other predominantly civilian areas and public institutions occurred in the past and the security agencies as usual promised to beef up security and also pledged revenge. Again and again they failed to improve security and this is the second time that the schoolchildren are being murdered again in such a Kabul neighborhood that was targeted in the past as well. Recently, a number of schoolgirls protested lack of building and poor quality education. Today their dreams for a better quality education shattered by carnage against their school – leaving behind a big question that when you’re educated, no one can dare to impose senseless rules on you, exactly what the enemies are afraid of. By education you don’t really depend on anyone but yourself and could also play an immense role in prosperity and development of the country. It won’t be wrong to label it as a deliberate attempt to stop them from education, but ignoring the reality that such an attack won’t help rather defame them further. Attacking innocent schoolgirls is repugnant and cowardly that can’t be justified. It’s hard to put into words what the victim families are experiencing – around 50 parents have buried their children whom they sent to school for a better future – but they will never stop their children from going to school and the Afghan security brasses must provide safe access to education as it’s essential for Afghanistan’s development. Since it’s not the first brutal attack on students and won’t be the last, it’s imperative for the security bosses to chalk out a comprehensive plan to improve security as so far the government has miserably failed to protect education centers. Thanks to the international community for their strong condemnation, something they have done for over 20 years. Words are pretty empty sans actions. These communities must stand honestly and contribute sincerely to end the bloodshed – to end the psychological trauma – to end the proxy war – peace is always possible when there is will – there is truthfulness, and egalitarianism. How long the world relies on mere condemnations and witnesses this brutality and savaged killing of innocent Afghans.

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