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Editorial: Hampering polio eradication

Together with the Ministry of Public Heath, and UNICE, Afghanistan would successfully complete the nationwide polio ammonization campaign in all districts of Afghanistan. There is no doubt that the related officials are making every available effort to fully put an end to the polio various, but Taliban and other militant have been hampering this campaign. The Taliban has to realize that two drop of polio is a must to all children to prevent them from lifelong paralysis. To safe children, around 9.9 million children under the age of five will be vaccinated this week during the fourth round of polio National Immunization Days of this year. Moreover, around 5.9 million children aged 2-5 years will also be given Albendazole deworming tablets. With support of WHO and UNICE, this camping kicked off in 25 September and continued to 29 covering children in all 34 provinces. According to Ministry of Public Health, the vaccination camping was officially kicked off at a ceremony held at the Shpageeza Cricket League in Kabul. Afghan cricket players inaugurated the National Immunization Days by administering oral polio vaccine (OPV) to children and reaffirming their support to fight against this paralyzing disease. Unfortunately, the endemic polio is yet to be ended. However, the Taliban insurgents—the number one enemies of Afghan people, have marred this campaign in Paktika province. The group is too brutal as they prevent vaccinators from polio drop. Wali Gul Kahroti, provincial public health director, said the Taliban insurgents were not allowing an anti-polio drive to be kicked off in the province. Taliban has to change its attitude, and let the children to be saved from this crippling disease. Moreover, to achieve the object of polio free Afghanistan, the government is making efforts by going house to house to vaccinate children. To help the government, there are thousands of volunteers who are working tirelessly to eradicate polio. But, once again the sworn enemies of Afghanistan have been making obstacle to hamper this process. We take all sorts of insurgents, including the Taliban outfit as various just like polio that have been hell-bent on parlaying this country. Children need to be immunized against the various to protect and ensure that they remained healthy. The parents and caregivers have to stay vigilant to ensure that their children below the age of five were immunized against the wild polio various. Polio vaccines have no effect on the body, rather it prevent children from being human life paralyze.

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