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Editorial: Hanging on corruption

The knives have to be out from the government organizations, especially from security institutions that have been creating huge obstacles against prosperity of this war-hit country. None can deny that corruption is eating our infrastructures. Viewing that, this evil practice must be brought into standstill. Some knives have already out from important organization, but still corruption is endemic and more effort is need of the hour. It is a must to stop corruption through reforms and end to the bit of dust settling. Well that’s more logical to move one step forward. There’s nothing like corruption to lay down its huge negative impact on betterment of a society. Mere counter-message would lead to nowhere, a joint hand has to wolf off against corrupt officials—from zero to hero. It should also be warned that no more time will be given to them, and they can’t get escape with it in case of being found guilty. Strict role with penalty should set off. This practice would bring a bad name to our country indeed. International community would not trust Afghan officials who are engaged in corruption. When Afghan officials within the government talks about existing of corruption and its strategies toward its uprooting—it generates hope to the Afghan masses. The people would say that our government is taking huge action against corruption. But when foreign officials say that corruption is a big challenge in Afghanistan, another message has been squeezing out. It clear attacks the government over its failure—also not well for our image. We are already in tough situation. Uncertainty is high, but at the same time the government should take care of this issues that has influence almost 100 percent. Corruption is an inner problem—possible to win against it. But other uncertainty, including deterioration of security might have been the product of some foreign countries that can’t digest a peaceful Afghanistan. However, the government has to get rid of corruption. Hanging on corruption would create more evils. It is very unfortunate to hear news that NATO’s Resolute Support officials said that corruption and weak management have affected the activities of the Ministry of Interior. Based on report, 40 contracts of the Ministry of Interior have been remained in pending. One thing we cannot undermine that corruption can be, or already, proved deadly to Afghanistan. It is as dangerous as insurgency. Undoubtedly, the ministry has also looking for the solution to the issue. According to the figures by the ministry, at least 700 police officers, including 12 generals have appeared before court on corruption charges. So, effort is there. Meanwhile, this is not the fact that only the ministry is going through, because corruption has already covered all government institutions, and comprehensive action has to be adopted. We can’t steer our motherland toward peace, and stability with presence of corruption in key governmental organizations.

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