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Editorial: Heart-Wrenching Incident

While the Afghan peace process has been sluggish, increased violence and unclaimed IEDs attacks and targeted-killings have agonized the ordinary Afghan people every day. As many as 5,041 civilian casualties have been recorded since February 22 last year until the end of February this year. This is heart-wrenching – this is terrifying. The fatal violence is taking a high toll on Afghans where two innocent lives were taken on Tuesday and six others were wounded. On Monday four people, including a mother and her three years old minor, were one of the victims of an unclaimed IED bombing in Kabul. 16 others were wounded in the incident. On Sunday, five civilians were killed and over 15 others received injuries in two consecutive bomb blasts again in Kabul. All of them went unclaimed. This is just the report of the past three days, while several other incidents happened too, but went unreported. This trend is not acceptable. A pregnant mother was murdered. Her son was murdered too. Her husband was wounded. The entire family has been destroyed and no one really cares. What the government and security officials are trying to justify by mere condemnations. It’s better for them to save their empty statements and sympathies. It’s also better for the western embassies in Kabul and UN agencies to stop only condemning such attacks, rather there should be a comprehensive plan to prevent such evil designs in the future. We need a clear mechanism and a bold security plan to beef up security. Our security agencies can’t improve the security situation with statements only rather an indefatigable effort is the need of the hour. Of course, Afghanistan is plunged in a deadly and most complicated war. It has several dimensions to be addressed. But since there has been a renewed push for the Afghan peace process, we must clench all the opportunities to put an end to the war. This war is going on for several years and there must be a full stop now. No more mothers should die along with her son while heading back home from work. No more room left for the Afghans to see their loved ones dying in front of their eyes in different violence incidents. We, as a human being, have our 100 percent rights to live in peace like other countries on this planet. It’s time for our leaders to jointly work in a scheme to succeed in the ongoing peace talks and bring the Taliban to the reconciliation process. Afghan and Taliban must agree to some common terms for the sake of peace and stability of our motherland.

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