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Editorial: Helmand bloodshed

Amidst continue peace talks in Doha Qatar, militants have made massive attacks against a military base at Shorab in Southern Helmand province. The Taliban leaders have claimed responsibility for recent deadly attacks in Helmand and are making different claims pertained to inflicting of huge human and logistic losses to Afghan National Army and US troops as well. Similarly the government circles are making similar claims regarding killing of attackers in retaliation and repulsing of the attack as well. Beside others, officials have claimed killing of what they call an hard core commander in a retaliatory action. Whatever might be the facts and reality but continuation of attacks against the personnel of national army amidst talks and negotiation couldn’t be justified. Now when the top Taliban have also realized need of peace and reconciliation, therefore, they needs to go a step further and make glorious the countrymen at the time of heavy floods and torrential rains, which had also made miserable lives of hundreds of families in Kandahar, Helmand provinces and other surroundings. Reports reveal that over one dozen civilians killed and scores of other injured. Hundreds of houses washed away by flood water and its dwellers now living under the open sky. Unfortunately, media abroad especially in neighbouring Pakistan is making too much exaggeration regarding violent acts occurring in parts and parcels of the country. In fact some of the regional and neighbouring countries are reluctant to let the peace process get success. Almost of peace loving nations throughout the world are desirous for an end to decade’s old violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. And for the purpose they are offering every sort of help and support. Even the US led allies have made maximum assurances to Taliban political office in Qatar regarding their rehabilitation and adjustment in the ongoing political process. But a few regional and neighbouring countries are reluctant to help in the peace process. These so-called stake holders through one or the other ways are utilizing all available opportunities for fuelling the already tense and violent situation in Afghanistan. No one could ignore hands of these war mongers in recent deadly violent acts in Helmand province. Through such acts, these neighbouring countries intend to pressurize Afghanistan and its people for following its dictation regarding framing internal and external policies. But these regional and neighbouring countries fuelling violence in Afghanistan, must realise the change-the change which ends Afghanistan’s dependency on trade and transit routes. Afghanistan has no explored more and more routes for its trade with rest of the world. Continuation or fuelling of violence and terror is not only making miserable lives of innocent countrymen but it posing bad impacts on the image of all those  countries involved in interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

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