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Editorial: Help end violence against women

Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights – as it impacts ranges from immediate to log-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for them. It plays key role in negativity of women prevents women from fully participating in society. Much more of it is that also lays negative consequences for women in their families, the community, and the country at large. Very devastating it is. It has tremendous cost, from greater health care to losses in productivity in overall development. The most dangerous pitfall is on a children when grow up in families where there is violence that suffers a range of behavioral and emotional disturbances. Intimate partner violence has also been associated with higher rates of infant and child mortality and morbidity (through, for example diarrhoeal disease or malnutrition). We should ever and never forget the role of women in our society. They play a very vital role in human progress that leads to a country development. Man and woman have been rightly compared to the wheels of the same carriage. There is no difference between them, so why we should do violence against them. Moreover, social and economic costs of intimate partner and sexual violence are enormous and have ripple effects throughout society. Women may suffer isolation, inability to work, loss of wages, lack of participation in regular activities and limited ability to care for themselves and their children. Not only in under development countries, but violence against women and girls is a global pandemic that affects one in three women in their lifetime. In Afghanistan it’s also a big problem, maybe much more than other countries at same stage. Recently, Ministry of Public Health said 53 percent of women in Afghanistan aged 15 years endured physical violence. Ahmad Jan Naim, health ministry planning and policy manger told newsmen that violence against women was not only a human rights issue, but also a health problem. “Violence damages women’s physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health.” So far 22,957 cases of violence against women pertaining to mental, physical problems, sexual assaults, sexual harassment and forced marriages have registered. Core reason behind surge in violence is lack of knowledge of the rights. Women must be informed about their rights in a bid to get rid of violence and media outlet’s role will be productive in regard. Government responsibility is much more comparing to any other institutions fighting for their rights. But collective efforts will defiantly yield positive result. Failure to address this issue may also entail significant cost for the future. Numerous studies have shown that children growing up with violence are more likely to become victims or perpetrators of violence in the future. Time has come to cooperatively break this cycle.

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