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Editorial: High and dry

India has always proved herself as a time-tested friend of Afghan people and government. India as a democratic country is doing all what is in her capacity to strengthen foundation of democracy in Afghanistan. Poverty, unemployment and illiteracy in the war-hit country are not the only concerns of New Delhi. Terrorism and militancy in Afghanistan have also troubled the long-time ally. India has come to the aid of Afghan government—on political, diplomatic, economic and military fronts—in the war against terrorism. Akbaruddin’s speech on Monday to the UN Security Council was an excellent example of Afghan-India sincere ties.

The India’s Ambassador to the UN asked the international community to eliminate sanctuaries of terrorists, outside Afghanistan, in order to help the Afghan government against the illegitimate entities. He told the global community to ignore no more the forces that are supporting anti-Afghanistan elements. Akbaruddin in his short speech has highlighted the root cause of Afghan war and provided a best solution.

However, the international community does not seem interested in ending the Afghan war. Actions speak louder than words. The United Nations have blacklisted many extremist organizations but there is no mechanism to monitor activities of these groups. Leaders of the terror groups are travelling without any problem. Mullah Mansoor is a good example in this regard. He was using Pakistani passport and travelled to the United Arab Emirates on different occasions. If the international community was seriously afraid of expanding state-sponsored terrorism, terrorists would have not travelled abroad.

The growing number of terrorist sanctuaries is another indicator of failed efforts of the global community in the war against terrorism.

Prolong terrorism and militancy in Afghanistan deserves serious pondering. The democratic fraternity—regional and global—has left Kabul high and dry except a few. Afghan Taliban have established links with different countries in the region while enjoy support in the Arab world. The Afghan government has been kept in dark and dodged on many important issues such as facilitation of the peace process. If this was not the case, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar would have played role in convincing the Taliban to renounce violence. Taliban and Haqqani Network still enjoy warm ties with al-Qaeda. Likewise, Russia is also tilting. Moscow, Tehran and Beijing utterly failed in convincing Islamabad to stop backing the Taliban. Unfortunately, Iran, Russia and China have established contacts with the Afghan insurgent group as these three countries see Taliban as an ally against Daesh, aka the Islamic State. The geo-political and strategic game played in Afghanistan will continue in this manner as Kabul cannot see promises of the powerful nation-states materialized. It has been proved time and again that Afghanistan is abandoned when goals of certain countries are achieved. But this time the blow will also be felt by those who are supporting a parallel government or violent forces in Afghanistan.

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