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Editorial: Holy month of Ramadan, and its price-hike

We are at the advent of holy month of Ramadan. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it holds immense importance. The holy month teaches us about patience, compassion, unity, peace and forgiveness. Its teaching has to be followed throughout the life. Thus, if the message was not followed in letter and spirit, fasting become only a practice rather than worship and obeying commandment of Allah, the Almighty. The message of this month is not time-bounded. We should take into account the main message and purpose of this holy month of Ramadan. Everyone has responsibility to provided facilities to the people, and prevent any move which hurts fasting people. First, the government has to launch crackdown against hoarder who are responsible for price-hike. Commodities prices are on rise during Ramadan. Since poverty and joblessness have already triggered the Afghan masses into uncertain situation, the related officials should take notice of this to prevent price-hike. Instead of storing goods, the businessmen should announce special packages with relievable prices, and even distribute food and other essential items free of cost to the poor people. Prices of different commodities such as flour, rice, sugar, oil, vegetable, and fruits are already high, and would be higher in the month of Ramadan. The Afghan traders shall trim down prices if they see Ramadan as the blessings month. In other Muslim countries, traders are bringing down essential items price to lowest level to serve their poor people, and get benefit from this Holy Month completely. Hope the Afghan traders follow the suit and bring down prices of every needy item, and discharge their Islamic obligation transparently. Moreover, all conflict parties engaged in the war have to agree on ceasefire. Looking in the past Ramadan months, the insurgent outfits never announce ceasefire, but see Ramadan as an opportunity to attack high-value targets and public places. It is very much annoying that militants see pleasure and gains in the bloodshed of own brothers and sisters. As the militants adhere themselves as representative of Islam, it is crucial for them to renounce violence in this month and let the Afghan people to worship Allah the Almighty without fears. Surely, the insurgent outfits should also workshop Allah, instead of killing innocent people. From its part, the media outlets, especially the electronic media have to bring some changes in their routine programs and design special transmission on the holy religious days. There are dozens of radio and television channels serving after the Taliban’s administration was ousted in 2001. All of them have their own and specific broadcast polices, but during the month of Ramadan they take similar policy by holding programs like recitation of the Holy Quran, religious teachings and roundtables, religious songs and melodies, movies and serials. But these Islamic programs should not be time-bound. This is true that the fasting time finishes by the evening, but this does not mean that we should resort things that brings down the values of our fasting and praying. It is a humble request from media outlets to restrain from broadcasting the vulgar and seductive songs or Turkish serials quickly after the fast breaking time. Happy Ramadan to everyone in advance—prays from the court of the Allah the Almighty that this month brings peace, and stability in our war-hit country.

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