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Editorial: Hope for best

It is very much clear that the Afghan government has been making efforts to sort out issues and move the country toward peace and prosperity. The National Unity Government and the International Community is united by a common perspective on the value of democracy and human rights. At the same time the government is committed to provide job, improve fragile security and economy situation and also to eradicate poverty and achieve the Social Development Goals. In this fight, world community has offered helping hand to elevate us from the years of warfare, poverty, and cruelty. However, there is no eye-catching development made in these areas, but we hope for best in the future. It is worth mentioning that our brave Afghan security forces have been fighting militant outfits with high moral, in which already sustained them toothless casualties. They (militants) have no power to face Afghan security force face-to-face. In our struggling to purge insurgent outfits once for all, we have support of international community, and regional countries except Pakistan—our hostel neighbor that sees its interest in devastation of Afghanistan, forgetting stable Afghanistan is the very much interest of Pakistan as well. Anyways, during previous and incumbent governments, a lot of thing has changed. Today we are stable than yesterday. We built schools for our children, and clinics for their health. Unfortunately, still we don’t have standard health services, but we hope for it one day. Today our Afghan security forces are stronger than ever. Today, we are mature enough to deal with any sorts of conspires. So, entirely today Afghanistan is absolutely different. Today we acknowledge the gratitude of our nation as our citizens—boys and girls, men and women, students and teachers, nomadic, rural and urban, young and old is making efforts under their capacity to rebuild their motherland. Undoubtedly, beside security, corruption is another big obstacle that prevents a nation from progress, and our country careworn with this. Both, President Ashraf Ghani, and CEO, Abdullah Abdullah are committed to work hard to eliminate corruption from the country. Moreover, President Ghani said that the government will not allow anyone to interfere in the nation’s legal and judicial system, and that more comprehensive programs will be introduced to make sure that justice is provide to the people at grass roots level. According to him, the legal and judicial institutions in Afghanistan are free and independent and that no one, including the president, should try to intervene in the justice sector. This is a great step indeed. This is big frontward as maintaining justice in the country will also help boost efforts for sustainable peace as it is a fact that the ongoing war in our country has been imposed on us.

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