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Editorial: Hope for fair, free Kankor exam

It seems that this year entry exam (Kankor) would be taken under open eye of the related organizations including the President Palace for having a fair and free examination and also to reduce challenges involved with it. The latest Kankor exam was held last Thursday in which hundreds of education lover participated with wish to find way to the higher education. Other round of exam would be taken in near future nationwide. It is hoped that the Ministry of Higher Education have improved administration of Kankor as in the past there were plenty of relevant technical issues that has created many problems and also brought transparency of the process under question. To conduct a fair and corruption-free Kankor, the President Ashraf Ghani talked with governors of 34 provinces, emphasizing on holding entry exam truthfully. Officials at the Ministry of Higher Education said that last year entry exam was conducted fairly across the country, and at the same time they also marked some grey areas to be addressed. The use of biometric system is a great step in order to gain the trust of the people over lucidity of the process. Interference of the illegal armed group in the process is another obstacle. Even some governors are also meddling in the academic process and surly it is a non-healthy competition. In the past, exam was used to become a major controversy at some stage, because the related officials were failed to efficiently conduct the examination.

To find way to university through Kankor is one of the biggest hopes of the youngsters who willing to purse higher education. However, it is very tough for them as each year allegations of corruption, fraud and flawed management of the exams has been reported. Some students fear that there are some elements that have access to exam-sheets and award it to the selective students beforehand. This is the beginning, as some others are also engaged in this business and sealing answers of Kankor exam to the students at high price.  Officials have to stay vigilant to thwart any mass attempt of cheating as it’s the matter of future of the war-hit country. The list of Kankor scandals is at large, but the optimistic point is that this year exam is going to be held with full guarantee of transparency.

The Ministry of Higher Education should exercise extreme caution while selecting members of the delegation to help and organize exams, especially in the provinces. It is imperative that the delegation should discharge their obligation honestly and transparently at every time but moreover when they collect the answer sheets and locked them in the boxes. The most important thing that gives a meaning to our lives is the meaning of life itself and we should remember that the future of our country is in the hands of our young generation. Focus on rigorous teaching method and transparent Kankor examination is a must for having a brighter future.

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