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Editorial: Hospital attack is not a one-night task

Today’s security problem of Afghanistan despite so many other, is stem from the willful failure of the rulers since they don’t look deeply into security related troubles—as there are some inner elements who have been adoring militants in many areas rather than the government institutions. Surly, the supporter of militants have been brainwashed by the group, but it is the duty of security officials to stay vigilant in their reorganization. Human mind is weak and can be lead toward astray through propagandas, in which the militants are too good in this business. By the God’s grace we are all Muslim and we understand the Holy Quran with the explanation. Beside that we know our holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Hadith. But the militants in their brainwashing tactics even term their unsupported opinions as a God’s word. If we do goggling, we would come across of plenty of news and documentaries, showing how militants misleading ordinaries via reciting Holy Quran verses, and presenting it out of the context. This is not the end; the militants also approach poor families in remote areas, asking their sons to be endorsed in seminaries by use of money. The family would swell ranks of militants happily as poverty already dragged them into deep uncertainty. But later, these seminary students are brainwashed and afterwards stand against their countrymen. The militants use the same weapon in recruiting process of youngsters as well. Since the unemployment has been reached at boiling point, and teenagers become fed up with joblessness and so many other pressure of its result, would join militants rank without thinking at least once.

However, the most fatal one is when the militants succeeded in indoctrination of our educated people, and at somehow projected a devastation future of the war-hit country, if not prevented. The recent Kabul hospital attack, in which over 31 people were killed and more than 60 others wounded is the worst example of it. Doctors, patients, visitors, and children are among them. The brave Afghan security forces have halted the long-hour standoff by killing all the terrorists. There is no doubt on capability of the security force, but intelligence gap was at large. Several media reported that insiders including two interns were among the attackers who launched a gun-and-grenade assault. Multiple surviving staffers spoke of a simultaneous massacre, revealing the attackers already positioned inside the facility. Some of the attackers were very much familiar for them. News of arresting more than 10 people, including a security officer of the hospital in connection with hospital attack has also surfaced in media.

This attack was the most complicated one in its form, and without inner supports it wouldn’t have done. The general sense indicates that militants do everything under their capacity to mislead even our educated people, and the attack was not one-night affair at all. Looking to sensitivity of the issue, it would not be exaggeration to say that probably there are some other people, working on high-ranking positions have already brainwashed and waiting for their master’s order to carry out anther hospital-like attack. Security institutions have to stay alert and start comprehensive campaign to find out the grey areas and prevent any heart-wrenching incidents in the future.

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