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Editorial: Hospital attack needs serious investigation

The 400-bed military hospital came under a terrorist attack on Wednesday March 8. The attack that was the most shocking and biggest one, left more than fifty killed that includes hospital staff, patients and others present at the time of the attack, according to a deputy defense minister. General Helaluddin Helal told reporters on Wednesday (one week after the incident) that 31 injured were still under treatment, while a number of them were discharged after receiving treatment. The security and intelligence operatives have arrested 24 suspects, who according to Helal, “are under investigation”.

Media reports say that the attackers were hidden inside the compound days before the attack and knew every part of the hospital very well. The attack like many other ones was called to have taken place due to negligence of the security forces responsible for guarding the compound that receives about 4,000 people on daily basis.

How can we trust those who we do not know well to appoint in the important posts? The government, especially intelligence organs within the defense ministry have to assign the people with clear backgrounds and should not assign due to personal requests or recommendations.

Besides that, security officials should have taken lessons of the past terrorist attack against this hospital and should be very careful.

According to the deputy defense minister, a military general has been also arrested in connection of the attack.

Enemy is enemy and has no mercy to anyone including patients, women and children as our enemies have proved this in the past 15 years. Managing to target a military institution is a big achievement for them to show security institutions weak.

If a bomb blast or suicide attack is carried out in a market, mosque or other public places, does not show the poor performance of the security organs, because nobody can prevent attacker in such places. But attack on a police district, military or intelligence office and army hospital that are heavily fortified with several facilities is not justifiable.

The government as usual appoints a team to investigate the incident, but the result is not announced. This is the government’s responsibility to seriously investigate incidents and share the results with the people so those who have lost their dear ones, get confidence that the killers of their sons, husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters are punished. Serious investigation helps the government to find the roots and masterminds of terrorist attacks that are undoubtedly beyond the borders in the neighboring country.

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