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Editorial: How War Brings Peace

Giving a great number of casualties in the longest conflict of 40 years across the country, the Afghans have always hoped nothing but an end to this relentless war. Thousands of people, including children, women and elderly were killed or maimed in the war that is still looming around with no end in sight. Despite that, we are still neglecting the literal opportunity of peace and stability somehow brought up by the U.S. administration that forged a peace deal with the Taliban last year, opening a window for the Afghan-Taliban to get in the table of talks to end the conflict. But, the window of opportunity is extremely likely on the verge of collapse as both the government and Taliban engage into recrimination and pointing fingers at each other that undermines the peace process. Initially, there was high optimism among the people as the government and Taliban peace delegations engaged in constructive talks for the first time last September, however, they are yet to reach a breakthrough on the negotiation table hosted by Qatar. Peace is now even more complicated due to the changes in U.S. administration – with the new President Joe Biden comes to work – one of the important elements in the Afghan peace. The Biden administration will certainly implement its own version of policy regarding Afghanistan and its peace process. Here in Afghanistan, the government, which has been labeled as the main obstacle against the peace process to maintain its power, is also touting changes in relations with the new U.S. administration, perhaps dragging the coins on its side to appear itself with more leverage on the negotiation table of the intra-Afghan talks. On the other hand, the Taliban warns of restart attacking the foreign troops – whom the group guaranteed of being not attacked after the deal – if the US does not remain committed, despite the fact that fighting between the Afghan security forces and Taliban prolonging on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it seems the two sides still seek military win rather than dialogue. The Afghan National Security Advisor recently warned the Taliban that the Afghan security forces would defend the country if the group quitted peace process. The point is that no one has been able to win the war in Afghanistan. It is us, the Afghans who suffer badly from this war, not the U.S. or anyone else. The civilians, media workers, civil activists and government employees are being targeted every day. On the other side, people being killed in the Taliban’s command are also Afghans. The victims have children and family, who will take both sides accountable for their loss. Peace needs sacrifices either that is power, position or egoism. Afghanistan is still on top of the unsafe, unhappiest and poor country in the world. All of these challenges remained unsolved because of the ongoing war. This war must end either if it needs the exchange in the government leadership or the withdrawal of foreign forces. This war has no military solution.

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