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Editorial: Ideology of war

We are not a nation to have chosen an ideology of war and also to persist on it all the time. We are a peaceful nation and it has been historically proven. The current war is an absolute imposed one by the alignment of some foreign countries plus domestic elements for an ideological divide, partly fuelled conflict to observe their very best interests. As a result, the Afghan war has shifted to the international stage where it was waged by all means including war and direct or by proxy. Indeed, an ideological confrontation will always remain, but that will never result in obliteration. All the politicians hold different views in regards to different issues inside their country’s political arrangement, but never choose weapons to reach the goal. To oppose one ideology was not necessarily to subscribe to another. We can be on the opposing side, but never bog down in the struggle for reaching that goal through peaceful means. The connection between international wars and ideology can be better expressed in terms of a difference of degree rather than of kind.

What kind of war the Afghan people are going through is totally unacceptable and highly considered as an un-Islamic and inhuman that could not be justified in any courts in the world. Unfortunately, the Taliban, a group the US and Afghan government are seeking peace with, has once again insisted on continuation of war. The Taliban leadership has warned they will resume attacks on U.S. forces if Washington does not pull troops out of Afghanistan as promised. They would retaliate by resuming military strikes on foreign forces if the US did not live up to its promises based on the US-Taliban agreement that was signed last winter after 18 months of breathtaking negotiations. New wave of violence is ahead as the U.S. president-elect Joe Biden had said that a small group of US troops would remain in Afghanistan.

It’s the most proper time for the Taliban to draw attention from violence to the peace. Such ideology could tell us that the group is still eager for war, destruction and murder, and are trying to have more excuse to continue the killing. The Taliban has to adopt a political and diplomatic channel to pressurize the U.S. to have it bound to the articles of the agreement. The use of military means or the use of war language is utterly doing no good to the group. It’s needless to mention that since the Doha agreement, the Taliban did not target foreign positions or troops, rather in return, the Afghan security and defense forces have always lost their lives under the barrage of their bullets. If we, including the Taliban, fail to utilize the current opportunity for peace, our country will be further dug into an everlasting deadly war, and the people will be forced to flee their homeland. Neither the Afghan government nor the Taliban will benefit from the war, but of course the enemy.

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