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Editorial: Impending doom

The US portrayed the killing of Qassem Soleimani, a major general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and commander of its elite Quds Force, as necessary to prevent an imminent attack on US personnel. Donald Trump said US killed Soleimani to stop a war, not to start one, but Iran vowed to take severe revenge over his death. Pentagon has said that the strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans, while Iran views it as an act of international terrorism and a grave escalation of US-Iranian tensions. The killing of Soleimani is the most consequential act taken against Iran in the past thirty years, and no one knows what those consequences will be. But one thing is clear; the world is entering into a dangerous period, in which the conflict between US and Iran could easily spin out of control. World, especially the regional countries are worried over fresh face-off between the two countries. For Iran is difficult to bear the loss as the slain Soleimani was Tehran’s most prominent military commander and the architect of its growing influence in the Middle East. Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and others were also killed in the airstrike and thousands of mourners gathered in Baghdad ahead of their funeral procession. Any face-off between US and Iran would defiantly have significant implications for Afghanistan, the region, and beyond. Since Iran is a neighbor, Afghan leaders have come out to the fore with mixed reactions—some supported the move, while some believe Soleimani’s death will spawn regional instability. Though the airstrike clearly violated the norms of international law, but some politicians believe Soleimani was an asset for Iran’s national interests, while he was a threat to the region. He was accused of hatching proxy wars in the region, in which Fatimyon, Zainabyon, Haidaryon and Hussainyon are his creation in recent years. But many Afghan leaders condemned US airstrike, and hoped Iran will continue its wise and friendly approach towards Afghanistan in the face of the current challenges. Kabul and Tehran have maintained cordial and brotherly relations and Afghan leaders reiterated their long-standing stance of not letting the Afghan soil to be used against any foreign countries. Today, the world is in dire need of peace and security. We share common culture and civilization with Iran, while US is our strategic partner. As war torn-country, we, the Afghan masses know better how badly war inflict its black shadow and destroy a country in short period of time that take decades to rebuild or stand again. US and Iran must exercise immense patient and use peaceful mean to resolve the discrepancy.

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