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Editorial: Incomplete narrative Indeed

The Afghan masses have become fed up with the endless war that has been taking their dearest and nearest ones in different acts of violence on daily basis. For long Afghans crying for peace, but it has fallen to the deaf hears as no militant groups willing to halt killings of Afghans for undone sin. Also America is, understandably, tired of its longest war, neither the Trump administration nor the Americans public have any desire to remain in Afghanistan. But it doesn’t mean to make withdrawal decision in hurry to once again put Afghanistan at the mercy of neighboring countries, and for the second time at the risk of becoming safe hideout for the international terrorist outfits. The question doesn’t seem to be if America leaves Afghanistan, as repeatedly its lingering on excuse how to prolong its stay in Afghanistan which is quite visible at the ground. However, still there is a foregone conclusion, but when and how – but they must leave one day. Seemingly the mission US administration started years ago at the pretext of war on terror has so far beard no fruits with no logical conclusion in sight as well. What’s important is to end the war which at somehow imposed on Afghans. Proxy wars are no more workable, and those who think they could win its deputation is in deep misunderstanding. It’s better to rethink of resumption of peace talks with the Taliban group, and all come out in its support as peace in Afghanistan means peace in the region, even in the world. The US peace talks with the Taliban stalled for now, but possible inching toward a restart. No side has been defeated after 18-year war, which underlines importance of peace talks to be resumed, and one that goes beyond the exhaustion of war and the inability to win militarily. Stakeholders in the Afghan conflict must not think of conspiracy theories and especially the Taliban for hatching conspiracy to drag the country back to the years old morass. Taliban need to node for talks with the Afghans and that in a best manner and with honest intention to end the war. When Taliban leaders were busy in peace talks with US peace envoy, its fighters carried out several deadly attacks in Afghanistan, in which civilians, including children and women were the main victim, drawing a negative and incomplete narrative on the Taliban’s intention toward a real peace. Still there is room for resumption of peace talks, but it requires honest approach which is lacking among the Taliban leaders, probably because they are not independent.

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