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Editorial: Indestructible nation

Time has tested the strength and courage of Afghan nation repeatedly. However, Afghans stood the ground against all adventurist countries—no matter how strong and arrogant they were—to defend their lands and national sovereignty. No doubt that Afghans are proud nation because they are matchless when it comes to patriotism and defense of the country. The world did great injustice by giving them different titles which do not fit this unbreakable nation. British Empire and Russians termed Afghans rebels when they fought for defense of their country while many international actors know them as extremists. It is a great injustice to the history and Afghan nation. They are neither rebels nor extremists. What they always wanted is freedom and peace. It costs their lives but they would continue to do so because freedom thrives on blood.

Afghans believed that Moscow had learnt the bitter lesson from its insane move of invading Afghanistan and interfering in Afghan affairs. Trying to encircle the US and upset her, Moscow has gone to extreme level in Afghanistan. Russia has established contacts with the Taliban. She is providing them diplomatic support at international level. Russian regime prevented the UN from delisting the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan’s leader name from the blacklist. It was not welcomed in Kabul because it is a setback for the Afghan peace process. Moscow has sought time to think—that is what media reports say. Russia has nothing to do with Afghanistan. Therefore, seeking time is just an excuse to tell the Taliban that they are now the ally of Russia and Moscow would support them.

It is clearly an act of aggression and interference. In addition to that Russia hosted trilateral moot in Moscow on December 27 but did not invite Afghanistan. According to Pakistani and Russian officials the trilateral talks was on Afghanistan. But Afghans know that it was a stunt of the three countries to build confidence of the Taliban over the new anti-US alliance. It is evident from statement of the insurgent group which welcomed the Moscow talks. Afghan government has reacted to this major development in the regional politics which is directly affecting Afghanistan. Kabul hoped that Moscow would catch the right bus by rejected the Taliban as a parallel government.

However, the hopes short lived when Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov termed the Taliban a local force which has changed much since ouster from power. The Russian envoy went to extreme level when he said Afghanistan will disappear in next twenty years sans improved administration, economy and military.

Perhaps, he has not studied his history. The Soviet Union was not fought by well-trained and equipped Afghan security forces but the nation which never welcomed invaders. Afghan fighters were not well-administered. They had no improved economy but yet they defeated the super power. The humiliating defeat of the Red Army should serve as a lesson. But the strategy of a “thousand cuts” has driven our neighbors crazy. Afghanistan will live forever. When the massacre of innocent Afghans and destruction of the key infrastructure by the Soviet Union cannot disintegrate Afghanistan then how can a group unacceptable to this great nation will do it? It was the Soviet Union which disintegrated.

Therefore, Russians like Kabulov should stop giving statements that contradict the reality and their own history. Afghans never forget their enemies and friends. They always remember history.

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