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Editorial: India-China set to help Afghanistan

There is no doubt that the two time-tested and ironed brothers of Afghanistan, India and China is two Asian giants with helping the war-hit country at highest level with relationships is growing stronger and stronger by passing each day. Despite there are some quarrel, but Beijing and New Delhi being as a powerful countries in the region, could help Afghanistan to reach peace and stability. On Afghanistan, the two countries are on the same page—this is a glad tiding for us. Two global giants will join hands in how to cooperate in capacity building in Afghanistan. In a two-day informal Wuhan Summit in China, both the leaders agreed to launch a joint economic project. The meeting was mostly meant to discuss a number of key issues, particularly the 72-day military standoff over the disputed border region of the India-China-Bhutan “trijunction”, global governance and shared international challenges. Chinese President Xi Jinping said “”a friendly Sino-Indian relationship is a significant, positive factor in safeguarding world stability,” adding that “China and India should be good neighbours and good friends”.  This follows the China-Pakistan-Afghanistan trilateral meeting earlier this month where China announced its plan to extend China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to Afghanistan. It must be said that if regional countries, including Russia and Iran join hands, there would be no force to stand against them, and peace and stability would be a matter of days. Today situation in the region is not good—we have so many problems, including the elevation of the evil forces that mostly taking toll on civilians. Militant outfits are increasing on daily basis and this is biggest and common threat that require common objective to wipe it out. There is urgent need of joint security mechanism to end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan that affects the region. Security is number one demand of the masses in the region. Second is economic development. China, India, Russia, Iran, Central Asian Countries and countries surrounded in the region could play key role in weighing up economy condition. The fortune is India and China ready to play a constructive role in Afghanistan to achieve political reconciliation and economic revival. Both the countries already helping us in areas of training and assistance Afghan security forces, beside vast economy prop up. We have both in our favor, and it would be shame of the history to remain in ruin. China and India being as brothers of Afghanistan have to come up to the fore to do everything under their capacity to change the landscape of current turmoil in Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that their capacity is beyond imagination.

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