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Editorial: Ineffective lockdowns

Fearing the rapid surge of the Covid-19, the government last month enforced lockdowns on educational centers and institutions. The schools and Universities were closed while the parks, cinemas, wedding halls and other entertainment places remained opened for public. The lockdowns on educational centers become ineffective as the number of corronavirus cases is peaking at its highest level, posing severe challenges for the government amid feeble health system across Afghanistan. If the government really intended to drop or prevent of the surge of the cases, it should have enforced lockdowns on public areas such as parks, cinemas, weddings halls and other places that people makes social gatherings. There is no reduction in the number of cases since the schools and universities have been closed. A large number of people everyday particularly in holidays come out, makes parties and hang around with friends. The inaccurate policy of the government in controlling the third wave of the virus caused this rapid increase. Within last three days, the ministry of public health reported 4,092 confirmed cases with additional fatalities of 111 deaths. With the number of patients mounting in the hospitals, the ministry of health is running out of ventilators and medical equipment to treat the patients. On one hand, our people also believing on fantasy notions don’t take the threat the virus very serious. On other hand, our politicians- who have sought to abuse the people for their personal interests- have recently been holding gatherings and events that could be very dangerous while Afghanistan is reaching a peak in the number of cases. Observing and beholding the precautionary measures don’t only safe one’s himself/herself from the outbreak of the virus but also could save tens and hundreds of other people. It is a contagious virus that plunge the whole world into crisis. There is no way to treat this pandemic – the only way to prevent its outbreak is to behold precautionary measures. The pandemic still remained circulated across the country while the new wave of the virus include UK variant and Indian variant. Unfortunately, as over half of the nation is struggling with poverty- while the government has a feeble economy- the lower and even the middle class people will face severe challenges of these imposed lockdowns. The lockdown is a proper way to reduce the number of Covid-19’s cases but we should not forget the struggle of millions of people who earn their daily incomes from. The private schools and universities were almost collapsed in previous lockdowns. To avoid the virus, the people are the first element to play a vital role with observing social distances, using masks and avoiding from hand shakings. The Afghan government should continue a shifting-phase in government’s administrations.

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