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Editorial: Infrangible unity

Unity among Afghans is stronger than calculations of the anti-Afghanistan elements. The civil war period is a dark chapter of Afghanistan’s history but we cannot change. It is also true that Afghans came under one roof for defense of the country. They will continue to do so no matter how many conspiracies are hatched by the enemies. A few misguided Afghans are following instructions of some spy agencies in the region. But they are not representatives of Afghans. How can a bunch of people represent over 30 million people? Afghan people have rejected all those who bombed, killed, maimed and threatened their brothers on behest of foreign masters due to lucrative offers for destroying Afghanistan. Quest for power has also driven those miscreants towards once opponent.

However, realities should always be acknowledged. The reality is that hands of all Afghans are united against the invading forces. The infrangible unity among Afghans is biggest strength of this nation. The enemies realize it too. Therefore, they have used different tactics in the past to divide Afghans on ethnic, religious and sectarian lines. Fortunately, they failed badly. But they have not learnt from their past that’s why they are still targeting minorities in Afghanistan. They hope that one day it would result in sectarian and ethnic violence. God forbid if the anti-Afghanistan forces succeed then Afghans would have no piece of land to claim ownership of. The country will become a colony owned by warmongers and enemies.

Afghan government and people are well-aware of the conspiracies hatched by the foes. The National Security Council (NSC) in a meeting, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, has discussed the investigation report of the committee that was assigned to probe suicide attacks on worship places in the capital city, Kabul. The probe reveals that the attacks were aimed creating sectarian rift in the country.

Recent such attack was carried against the Sikh community. A Sikh community leader Narmang Singh, a shopkeeper, was shot dead by gunmen in Kunduz recently. This was second attack against members of the Sikh community who are sons of this soil and love Afghanistan not less than other communities. That’s why the Sikh leaders, after the incident, said that such attacks would not scare them. It is a good message for the foes to know that they could not divide Afghans. It is also good to know that the government has made some arrests in the case to provide justice to the victim’s family.

Strengthening national unity is a duty of all Afghans. The government can only create environment to facilitate citizens in fulfilling this duty. Therefore, every Afghan should his brother in time of need.

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