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Editorial: Interim govt. is an option?

A peaceful settlement to the ongoing war in Afghanistan may now be within reach. This deadly war is taking a huge toll on the Afghan people. The way to its solution must be found. The way the U.S. reached an agreement with the Taliban, it highly required the Afghan government to do the same. We, the Afghan masses are thirsty for peace, even ready to forget their sworn enemies. Taliban still has a place inside the country and the Afghans will embrace them if they get the ongoing peace process to a success aimed at ending the disastrous war. There is no guarantee that intra-Afghan negotiations will be successful, and the NATO chief already termed it a fragile process. But its success is necessary and important first steps to end the war. This idea is due to mistrust between the Afghan and Taliban negotiating sides. They failed to paint an optimistic portrait of the talks to the world in general and to the Afghans in particular. It’s a shame that they can’t agree or come to a common term to at least reduce the level of violence in such a step described as “Afghan-to-Afghan” talks. It’s a big shame. It is also puzzling to see the Taliban have agreed not to threaten the U.S. or its allies and also will prevent armed groups and others to do the same. At the same time it keeps waging war inside the country against their own people – there is a need to stop shooting at our own foot. Anyways, this war has to be ended. The U.S. has renewed its promise to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, and had termed the US-Taliban deal successful as no American soldier was killed in almost one year. But now when Afghans are discussing peace and reconciliation among themselves, which is indeed an incredible progress, that must lead to a lasting peace and like no American troops, no Afghan soldiers or civilians should also be killed or wounded inside their country. The ongoing talks have to bring the Afghans a dignified peace and stability. If the interim government is the only way to maintain the system and the past hard-gains, it would be much welcome and surely the Afghan leaders would widely accept it. We have to give something in the talks in order to achieve the noble case of peace. Though, ceasefire is top on the agenda for the next round of the talks probably going to be resumed on 5th January, the issue of interim government must not be an obstacle on the talks.

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