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Editorial: Internal displacements

Insecurity in the country is growing with tremendous speed. The government is facing tough time. Internal and external challenges are many. However, problems at home are of very serious nature and need full attention of the relevant authorities. Lukewarm response will worsen the situation because one thousands Afghans leave their native towns on daily basis. Fragile security situation in over 80 percent of the cities and villages are forcing people to abandon their abodes. Internal displacement has become a major issue. Measures on war footing are required to deal with the challenge and facilitate return of the internally displaced people to their homes.

Unfortunately, the policymakers have turned a blind eye to the ground realities. The high-ups are easily pressurized by influential people for acquiring good positions in the government. Bargaining over distribution of independent government organizations and ministries has becoming an established practice. Reforms process and improving of security apparatus has been left in doldrums. At a time when we need a modern air force, sadly, the Afghan Air Force is part of the national army rather than armed forces. Affairs of the air force are seen by a military official who has no experience of air combat and support strategies.

Nepotism, favoritism and tribal influence in the power center had left many people homeless. As per statists of the United Nations, international displacement due to insecurity has increased by 40 percent, from 2014 to 2015. The UN fears more displacement this year as the law and order situation is unsatisfactory.  According to a report of the UN’s emergency aid coordination body (OCHA), estimated 118, 000 people fled their town in the first quarter of this year. Expressing serious concerns over increase in numbers of the internally displaced people, the spokesman for OCHA in the Afghan capital, Stacey Winston, said that it has been a rather alarming rise in number of families displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

Therefore, the Afghan authorities should craft a comprehensive policy to establish writ of the government in insecure areas aimed at facilitating return of the displaced families to their native towns. Without significant and considerable change in the internal policies the government cannot address the issue. To resolve the problem, the policymakers will need a multi-dimensional approach. Insecurity and poverty had made lives of Afghan people miserable. When the authorities are enjoying their life in the highly fortified offices and homes in the barricaded city, people in eastern, northern, southern and western provinces fear return of the extremists to power. Instead of throwing dust into public eyes, the government should acknowledge its failures on security front. Due to poor leadership every day several Afghans, whether in uniform or not, lose their life.

In order to improve security situation, the leaders shall strengthen capacity of the law enforcement agencies. Productive policy supported by an action plan is a key to success.

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