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Editorial: Irresponsible views

Pakistan’s ambassador at Kabul was summoned by Foreign Ministry and handed over him a strong-worded protest in response to his words, pertained to what he called posing of bad impacts on peace process due to Afghanistan and Indian relations. At the moment, tension is fuelling day by day between India and Pakistan due to recently occurred deadly terrorist attack against personnel of armed forces at Palwama Kashmir. Pakistan based alleged militant group Jesh I Muhammad claimed it’s responsibly which causes lives to over 42 personnel including Muslim soldiers of Indian army. Almost victims were from Sikh community, which also lead to provoking of Sikh community against India. Though Pakistan has contradicted its involvement in the attack and Prime Minister Imran Khan had offered joint probe into the incident but Indian leaders are firm on their stance. At the moment, both New Delhi and Islamabad are not only engaged in war of words but they are also eyeing on strengthening of positions at defense and diplomatic fronts throughout the world. Pakistan’s ambassador at Kabul in a statement suggested the neighbours to review its relations with India as it could pose bad impacts on what he called peace process. In fact, the ambassador with mentioning name of Afghanistan made the suggestion to Afghan government to re-visit its policies towards India. On the issue of its relations with India, Afghanistan suffered a lot and still its hardships are multiplying with the passage of each passing day. Pakistan’s civil-military establishment for settling old scores and compelling India to bow before its policies is using Afghanistan turmoil as a tool. Whenever Pakistan wants to exploit its tense and hostile relations with India, its leadership is pressurizing Afghanistan and its people through one or the other ways. Instead of spreading and fuelling the tensions with involvement of other neighbouring and regional countries, Pakistan must revisit its own acts and actions. Chief of his faction Jamiat Ul Ulema Islam (F) Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman and several other leading politicians are showing disappointment over Pakistan’s foreign policies, saying that at behest of someone else, government had made unhappy China, the biggest investor. Along with Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman, several other leading politicians, writers, public opinion makers are unhappy with growing tension between the two neighbouring countries. Even the US President Donald Trump has suggested both the countries to remain peaceful and cordial towards each others, stressing for easing the tension through dialogues. Both India and Pakistan are not only influential members of South Asian region but they are in possession of nuclear arsenals. Any irresponsible move on the part of any of it could cause catastrophe in all over Asia. Now instead of losing tempers, rulers of both India and Pakistan must realise its responsibilities at this stage. War or fighting couldn’t resolve issues. But issues are resolved and settled through dialogues. Instead of continuing meaningless hostilities against each others, New Delhi and Islamabad must go for dialogues. In this respect, both the countries have been suggested to let the UN for mediation, which might be the best suggestion.

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