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Editorial: Is it trustworthy?

The Taliban assured safety for the local Afghan workers, who supported the foreign diplomatic and military mission in Afghanistan, after the U.S. and NATO Forces pullout. Many of them worked as interpreters, cleaners and other entitles. But, how trusty could be the militant’ stance regarding their conducts towards the Afghan local workers. In 2007, the Taliban beheaded an Afghan journalist and a driver who were taken hostage alongside an Italian journalist by the Taliban in Helmand, but the group freed the Italian journalist in return for their five prisoners held in the government custody. The group’s duel policy sparks fears that whether it will remain committed to its pledges or will put a scrutiny policy towards these workers. Considering their cruel and violent background, these workers can’t dare any trust on the militants’ assurance of safety. The evacuation of Afghan workers may safe their life, but it is not still fully expectation that the insurgents will pose threats to them. The Taliban in their back regime of 1996s allowed the military personnel, who had been trained by Soviet-Union or previously worked with the foreign organizations, to actively work. But the group also enforced scrutiny on the government departments and other organizations of what it called the “Islamic Regulations”. The evacuation of around 30,000 Afghan local workers- some of them worked as interpreters- who may know languages of the NATO led countries- would also be not in the benefit of our country. Afghanistan needs us all, especially those who owe a profession and expertise to step up efforts the country’s reconciliation and development. If Afghanistan reached a peace deal with the Taliban, these workers would be needed at high level as they have certainly been trained by the foreigners in several fields. But, how costly is it for these workers to pin hopes on a peace process that is looming in uncertainty and ambiguous. The Taliban are taking over rapid territorial gains. Nearly ten districts have fallen to the insurgents. The group has not brought any reduction in violence that cause casualties to civilians, government employees, military, activists and journalists. If the Afghan government and its foreign allies want a better life for these local Afghan workers, they should either evacuate or take international guaranteed by the militants. This will at least remove the psychological pressure off these local workers, who now fears about their certain future.

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