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Editorial: It’s time for new approach

With spending of millions of dollars in fight against militant but diverse result made. Still peace and stability remained a distant dream despite multiple military campaigns, political strategies and reconciliation process. Oppositely, war on terror is getting more complicated as the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, which also known as Daesh terrorist emerged under the presence of US in Afghanistan. US entered Afghanistan to eliminate militants—however, militant outfits are getting bigger day to day. No result-oriented efforts have so far been made in abolition of rebellious. It has been for 16 years that international community, especially the United State has been trying to solve puzzle in Afghanistan, but always in vain. Noting this, it is time that US should enter the theatre differently with new framework of conflict management. What’s more important is intention. If there is intention the ongoing fight against militants would yield result, but, at somehow such hold up is seems very rare. It is quite visible that Afghan masses have been the most victims in the global war against militants. It is worth mentioning that Afghan security forces are also in the frontline to battle this evil force. Undoubtedly, the brave security forces are fighting militants with high moral—already proved bitter medicine to the insurgents. However, since militant outfits are supporting and harboring by some regional players, so it is almost impossible to win war without cooperation of regional countries, especially Pakistan—a state that never been shunned backing militants. Pakistan is the godfather of the militants. Today world is also repeating the same sentence, calling on Pakistan to halt supporting and harboring militants. This has shows the notion that the passage of peace in Afghanistan passes through Islamabad—unfortunately the country is not honest in its approach. Rightly or wrongly, Pakistan is considered crucial to achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan. In his recent visit to Pakistan, US Senator John McCain has said that there could be no peace in Afghanistan or the rest of the region without cooperation from Pakistan. His comment come as US is reportedly considering hardening its approach toward Islamabad over Pakistan-based militants, launching attacks in Afghanistan. Moreover, the US administration is to soon announce its new strategy on Afghanistan. This meeting of high-level of US administration is also coming at time when Kabul repeatedly said that Afghanistan is fighting undeclared war from Pakistan. Relations between the two neighbors have already reached at the boiling point. Pakistan has never stopped its duplicity policy with Afghanistan. Now when Pakistan’s role is crucial to maintain peace not only in Afghanistan but to the region, question arise here that does US help the two countries develop such cooperation, and can convince Pakistan to halt supporting militants—instead prospects of joint security operation against terrorists in both sides. To be honest, it’s hard for Kabul to once again trust Pakistan, as it always stabs at back. At the past, Kabul tried level best to mend ties with Pakistan, but for all time received cold shoulder. Let’s see weather Pakistan adopts new approach, or would still stand with its policy of supporting militant outfits.

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