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Editorial: Jumble attainment

After formation of the National Unity Government (NUG), the Afghan masses were very much happy that transformation of power from one elected President to another is taking place in a peaceful environment. It was a dazzling moment for the Afghan people, seeing nascent democracy is getting shape, and election is one of the key pillars of it. The trouble Afghans, who have been suffering from prolong war, already rendered huge sacrifices for the sack of peace and stability—something that yet to come, were immense optimism regarding bright future of Afghanistan after establishment of NUG. The unity government has gone through many ups and downs during their three years age. Some achievements made, people appreciated hard working of President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah. Foreign policy of NUG, especially to further isolate Pakistan—the hostile neighbor, and unveiling it is true face of backing terrorist outfits was very much laudable. Other issue, like showing strong intention to fight against corruption—the deadly menace that has been eating our infrastructures on daily basis, and also earned bad name for Afghanistan. Moreover, today we have more water dams, and also transit routes. Other developments are also made under umbrella of the NUG. However, there is no denying to the fact that some reverse scenario also here. Unemployment has been raised. Drug addicts and production has been doubled. The brain drain is still at boiling point. Poverty has intensified. The bare bone of NUG is not complete as we have several ministries running by caretakers. War has been escalated, casualties among security forces surged. The most worst one is the emerge of Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist in the country, which has been hell-bent on fueling sectarian war, despite fighting against our brave and patriot Afghan security forces. However, the most annoying is when hungry soldiers on the frontline in Kunduz province said for the past four months all the food they have been given is rice, bread and lentils, which is not what the ministry of interior prescribes. These troops are not getting nutritious meals. According to one solider, Safiullah, in the last four and half months they have not received any of the items listed on their menu—such as milk, cake, eggs, and fruits. “We do not get potatoes, onions, fruit or meat. We buy these with our own money. But what can we do with only 12,000 Afs salary a month—when we have to support our families,” TOLONews quoted Nezamuddin a soldier, as saying. It is enormous important that the related officials have to come up to the fore in shortest time to resolve this problem without more ado. There is no doubt that our pride and hero is our Afghan security forces—true son of this soil, who shield their chest against enemy’s bullet to safeguard their countrymen and women. Negligence toward them (Afghan security forces) is not acceptable as without them we are nothing. The unity government has to pay more heed to provide all necessary needs to the security forces. Long Live to the brave Afghan security forces. We have full confident on their (security forces) shoulders which already proved bitter taste to the insurgents.

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