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Editorial: Kabul, a hotbed of crime?

The residents of Kabul, a capital city filled with nearly six million populations, are deeply worried over armed robberies and aggravated burglaries at gunpoint and they are absolutely left at the mercy of these bag-snatch criminals as the security situation is deteriorating on a daily basis. Their miseries are getting double when the sunshine turns to get dim and the thieves are reveling in their unrestrained freedom to loot feeble residents in the absence of rule of law. They take the darkness as the best illustration to do so, acuminating further failure of law enforcement agencies. It seems we have a big policing problem as crime and disorder have crept in every nook and cranny of Kabul city. People murdered, injured when resisted the thieves and the wild darkness of the night proved best for the criminals to escape the law. People continue to be mugged. The residents have become fed up with indiscriminate increase in murders as a result of criminal offenses—a deadly tragedy that has become subject for jokes about related officials as mockery on their failures. Doubts have risen over collusion of police with criminals. At one hand, criminal activities are now out of control, at the other, police now can shoot the crook. Aimed at driving down spiraling crime in Kabul, the police have begun a systemic crackdown against criminals. The police have taken many criminals into custody in a more vigorous combat against criminal cells, but this is not enough. The Afghan masses want to see crimes to be reduced substantially. Anti-crime paradigm has to be implemented in all districts of Kabul and these need to be continued until the end to violent crimes. Police officers are now allowed to use deadly force against criminals and shoot them down when necessary. This is the bold statement ever, and its implementation is very important to stop criminals from freely roaming around the city. Robbers and armed hold-ups are serious and potentially dangerous crimes that can cause emotional and psychological distress to victims and also it erodes trust in police. Since the threat is serious, the interior ministry should establish the robber task force, which is active in some foreign countries, to reduce the number of robberies because their duty is only focused on this. Taking 100-plus actions and measures, the interior ministry can overcome the deadly menace.

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