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Editorial: Kabul again in blackout

The Afghans spent the three-day of Eid-al-fitr in a deep darkness as the militants shot down the power pylons in several provinces around the country. The people warmly celebrated the announcement of Eid-day ceasefire with happiness and entertainments but lack of power darkened their residences. Every year’s Eid is celebrated in a variety of ways; the national TV program, the greetings of between the relatives and going out to cinemas and theaters. But this time a complete blackout covered Kabul as at least 13 power pylons were destroyed in several provinces. The lack of power in Kabul steal a bit of the people’s happily celebration of Eid as they were out the tensions of severe insecurity that has recently rocked the city. However, the Taliban earlier claimed the responsibility – the recent attacks on the power pylons remained unclaimed. These pylons were destroyed in Parwan, Nagarhar and Kabul provinces. As Afghanistan lacks big dams to provide power for the people, many of these pylons transit power from the neighboring country of Uzbekistan to several provinces in the country. The power cut also affected several factories that need a high voltage of power to function and produce materials. The enemies of Afghanistan are putting all effort into the ground to harm and affect our people. The Afghans don’t have access to enough facilities because of war and violence, the destruction of power pylons adds more into obstacles and problems. But there are still questions in the minds of residents that how could it be possible for anyone to destroy the pylons not only in the rural areas but also in the urban parts of the country. The recent destruction of the power pylon was reported in PD 17 of the Kabul city – an area that is controlled by the government. However, the security forces arrested some of the perpetrators, considering the situations, it reveals that there must be circles in the government, working for mafia groups, who sees the destruction of power as an economical benefits involved in these subversive acts. The government should initially bring tweaks in its administrations and security organizations. Even if it is incapable to provide protection for the public services and public benefits, it should work on a proper project to provide protected power transition for the people. The government should work in cooperation with people as it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their facilities and benefits.

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