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Editorial: Kabul before war

Kabul once used to be a pretty nice place for the foreigners and for the residents itself. Kabul was so peaceful and possessed an astonishing beauty with magnificent weather that many high-ranking officials even today are recalling those historic days. While remembering those breathtaking days in Kabul, some key figures in the regional countries still bring to mind those days and they preferred to come to Kabul as it was a city of life, especially to spend their honeymoons. Entirely, Afghanistan was a peaceful country before U.S. invitation, before Russian war and before the Marxist revolution. If you Google, you can get easy access to the old photos that show what our country looked like before four decades of war. A beyond belief collection photos from the 1960 shows peaceful and so modern life in Afghanistan during that unique time.

That happiness was not everlastingly – the land that is now Afghanistan has a long history of domination by foreign conquerors and strife among internally warring factions. Kabul in one day showered with tens of rockets during the civil war and dozens of innocent people were killed and wounded. Kabul, once called a place for existence, turned into rubble with just in the blink of an eye. At the gateway between Asian and Europe, this country miserably failed by its statesman. The immense significant geopolitics location of this land has been rolled out as a big reason. War has been continuing for over four decades with no end in sights. However, after the collapse of the Taliban regime in 2002, the war-hit Afghans considered the newly established democratic government after years of civil war, as all end to their miseries. But nothing such happened.

At present, Kabul has once again gradually altered towards the civil war epoch when rocket attacks were a routine deadly experience. A civilian killed and two others were injured on Saturday after ten rockets hit various parts of Kabul city. This is the second time in less than three weeks as recently eight people were killed when 23 rockets targeted different parts of the city. Question arises as to how these rockets launched from the same parts of Kabul city twice a month. Security failures to prevent similar attacks are speaking louder. Unfortunately, Kabul is turning to a city of killings, and rockets. In the past three weeks, Kabul has endured IED blasts on a daily basis. Despite decades of foreign aid to the Afghan security forces and intelligence unit with the western military supervision, the security situation across the country, especially in Kabul seems to be deteriorating at an alarming pace. Are we losing the fight?

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