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Editorial: Kabul is bleeding again

Another terrorist attack targeted the people in Kabul city, those who went out of houses and left families to bring bread for them or to solve other personal, family or social problems.

The attacker who Taliban claimed was their man had used an ambulance filled with explosives with the pretext that there was a patient needed to be taken to the nearby Jomhuryat hospital at the center of the capital. He managed to pass the first police checkpoint and was believed driving ahead towards the old building of the ministry of interior. The building is still used by some departments of the ministry, where people line up every day for routine business. The offices of the government-run High Peace Council and the European Union delegation as well as some embassies are also located on the street.

Police in the second checkpoint just some 50 meters from the first one stopped the ambulance because it had passed the hospital gate. Police suspected it, but before they could do anything, the vehicle was detonated. So far, the death toll of the incident is 95, while more than 150 others were injured, according to statements issued by the ministries of interior and public health. Most of the victims were civilians as it is a busy area home to stationery and antique shops as well as restaurants.

Saturday’s attack in which most of the victims were civilians was the second within a week. Last Saturday night, a group of armed men stormed the Intercontinental hotel, killing at least 22 people mostly foreigners and injuring a dozen others. Taliban have claimed responsibility for both massacres.

The chain attacks take place in Afghanistan after the US government criticized our neighbor Pakistan for sheltering Taliban, the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups that are fighting in Afghanistan. The attacks could be surely a response to president Trump’s anti-Pakistan words. This is very clear that the attacker was trained and armed in Pakistan soil because Taliban enjoy safe havens and training centers there.

The government of Afghanistan and the United States as the main supporter of the Kabul administration seem to be unable in fighting and preventing the mounting terrorist attacks on our poor people. The government leaders carry out their duties by condemning the attacks and the US officials repeat the same sentence that they would not let Afghanistan be changed to a safe haven for terrorist groups. People of Afghanistan have heard this sentence for more than ten years by presidents Bush, Obama and now Trump, while they are killed and injured by terrorist attacks on daily basis. What do the US authorities mean by saying Afghanistan would not change to terrorists’ have? They never dare to put pressure on Pakistan to close terrorist training bases.

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