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Editorial: Kabul days begin with bombings

Four bomb attacks rocked different areas in Kabul city on Tuesday. The magnetic bomb blasts that are now going to become part of daily activities of terrorists killed two people and injured seven others all civilians. Mohammad Atef, head of the Jamiat-e-Eslah, a non-government educational and religious organization was one of the dead.

This was only in Kabul, while two other similar attacks took place in Nangarhar province in the east with one killed and two injured, another bomb hit the vehicle of a police official in Kabul’s adjacent province of Parwan that fortunately no casualties were reported.

What the government says to react the increasing attacks is condemning with the strongest terms by President Ghani and the people surrounding him in the palace, while security officials say about launching investigations which have no results.

This is still unclear who is behind this new fashion of terrorist attack that has apparently replaced suicide attacks and roadside bombings since late last year and mostly takes the lives of civilians. Taliban militants who have been blamed for most of terrorist attacks have frequently denied having hand in the sticky bombs and even denounce some of these incidents as “anti-Islamic acts”.

A question comes to the minds of suffering Afghans that who carries out these attacks and that why are the perpetrators are hidden and keep hidden? Is there a third group that kills the people and the people are deprived to know their new enemy? If Dr. Ghani’s “elected government” is to serve the people whom the president claims voted for him, then it should hold all sources and possibilities in defending them against their unknown enemies. This is not justifiable to say the government faces shortage of sources. The government is in much better condition comparing to the past administrations in having sources and supports from international allies.

But the difference is that the current government is unable to use the sources and supports in serving people and this causes an unprecedented increase in terrorist attacks, violence and bloodshed, with government authorities remaining like deaf and mute spectators.

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