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Editorial: Kabul rocked again amidst hopes from Doha talks

Whenever the United States Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad embark on peace talks with leaders and commanders of Qatar based Taliban, in return the already war-stricken countrymen are getting worst kind of violent and terror acts in Kabul and other regions. On Monday morning Kabul was rocked by a huge car-bomb explosion. The explosion occurred in well congested locality near to Kabul Stadium but it was so severing and heard in all over the city and its surrounding areas. Explosion was followed with sounds of firing, continued for several hours. Though the attack caused sufferings to at least one dozen innocent people and ever 80 including 50 school going kids but the personnel of armed forces succeeded in thwarting of the worst deadly attack against most important military installation, surrounded by residential areas, Kabul Stadium, private television compound and others. Occurring of Monday like worst suicide attacks or terror acts are a big question before the international community especially before United Nations at the time when peace talks resumed in Qatar. No other than Taliban claimed responsibility for conducting the act, which causes lives to innocent civilians including school going girls and boys babies. Whatever might be claims and justifications of these Taliban leaders and commanders but almost religious faiths and beliefs even sacred religion of Islam prohibit all such violent acts. Several Afghan leaders from all over the country even Pakhtoon leaders in Pakistan like Asfandyar Wali Khan, Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao have shown sever resentment over the terror acts, making unrest almost countrymen. Asfandyar Wali said that such type of violent acts at the time of peace talks is a big question before US and UN like forums. It confirms that certain elements are again of an end to violence and hostilities in Afghanistan. These elements just for meeting the nefarious designs are always encouraging violent acts. At the moment when US envoy is focusing on reconciliation and return of peace, enemies of peace and enemies of Afghanistan have conducted another deadly violent act in heart of Kabul city. Almost war affected countrymen remain hopeful of peace and end to hostilities in the wake of President Ashraf Ghani’s detail talks with high ups in Islamabad and Lahore and assembling of leading leaders couple of days back in Bhurban Murree near to Islamabad and President Ashraf Ghani has held details with Pakistan. But both the developments followed with major violent acts in Kabul and at southern Kandahar province. Now it means that “hidden” hands are unhappy with the restoration of peace and stability in the country. Such “hidden hands” are active from last several decades, therefore the Afghan leaders needs to think ways and means for an end to prolong violence and terror in the country.

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