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Editorial; Kabul weather deadly for masses

The ongoing war may kill thousands of civilians a year, but choking air pollution in the capital Kabul is also deadly as its silent killer. Signs of silent killer—pollutants emitted by old cars, poor quality fuel and people burning trash—are everywhere on the city’s chaotic streets. A new Study has found that many serious health problems among people in Kabul are due to a dramatic increase in air pollution and to toxic substances in the water. The study entitled Psycho-physical efforts of environment pollution on the health Kabul citizens, shows that at least 10 percent of water in 22 districts of Kabul is contaminated with nitrate substances that can cause kidney damaged and other ailments. Fikr Organization of Psychosocial Development in its research said water in first, second, seventh, 16th and 18th district of Kabul is not fit for consumption. We must boil water before drink. Talking about environmental pollution the study indicated that low-quality and unprocessed material used to heat houses are the main reason for the heavy air pollution in the city. The import of low-quality fuel is also another reason behind deadly pollution. The Kabul residents are worried about current pollution and contaminated water. Recently, Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital (IGCH) officials said that due to the worsening air pollution during winter, over 300 patients—most of the children, come to the hospital with respiratory diseases daily. “Of the 1,000 patients that come here daily, 30 to 35 percent have respiratory disease,” head of IGCH, Noor-ul-haq Yousufzai said. We don’t have only terrorism as an enemy; we also have silent enemies like air pollution and environmental problems which cause silent and invisible deaths. Our capital is more polluted comparing to our neighboring capitals that needs an urgent attention. Also prefer to stay indoors whenever we meet your friends because can’t stand the air outside, which is very dismal. Breathing has become tough in these days. The biggest killer beside Taliban and other terrorist outfits, is air pollution. It leads to several deadly diseases—respiratory, allergies, miscarriages and even cancer. Men walking or cycling usually cover their mouths with mask or scarves to keep out the dust. Women clasp blue burkhas to their faces, but such practice doesn’t mean you’re saving from disease. Safeguarding is best way, but a fundamental solution is need of the hour. We are in deep problem. It’s difficult to reduce pollution quickly. We have to breathe this air, and if it keeps rising the way it is now, the Afghan masses will face a health disaster in nearest time.

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