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Editorial: Khalilzad continues in Kabul

The United States Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is in connection with his task of getting an early negotiated solution to long standing conflict. For the purpose, he is engaged in frequent talks and meetings with leading politicians. He held several rounds of meetings with Unity Government President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and former President Hamid Karzai. A day earlier, top leaders like Hamid Karzai, Dr. Abdullah, Prof. Rasool Sayaf and Ustad Karim Khalili have also held a joint meeting with President Ghani and they discussed several matters pertained to peace efforts. There are reports regarding agreement amongst them about further steps and procedure of peace talks with Qatar based Taliban leaders. Couple of days back, Qatar based Taliban leaders have also made public the list of participants in Qatar conference, scheduled to be held on April 15th and 16th. No one can neglect the fact regarding “rifts and divisions” on certain issues like state of peace agreement and interim set up. And some of top leaders and others are making their best to find a “way out.” Now it is also crystal clear that certain external forces, especially regional and neighboring countries through its spy agencies are making best to ensure its stakes in future of Afghanistan to be made through peace agreement with Qatar based Taliban. As a result of external meddling in internal affairs of Afghanistan, the countrymen have paid and are paying huge prices. Still war like situation exists in all over the country despite several peace agreements and attempts of a number of friend countries like US, China, Saudi Arab, Germany, Japan and others. Now the US brokered peace efforts through Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad have been entered into a decisive stage, therefore, responsibilities rests with all Afghan leaders, especially Taliban engaged in resistance since 2001. Through such resistance, Taliban have established their claim as a “main party” to the conflict but the claim established at cost of huge losses, mostly of Afghans. Now when almost Afghan leaders who remain divided not only during war against former Soviet Union but also during over three decades after pulling of USSR troops out of Afghanistan, therefore, unity government headed by President Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Qatar based Taliban leaders and others needs to follow the well-established global trend of “give and take,” which always ensure resolution to all such conflicts and issue like of Afghanistan. The Afghans, who are paying for undone sins are attaching great hopes with the ongoing peace efforts, therefore, the leaders who are either engaged in talks or going to meet at Doha Qatar needs to respond but in a positive way. They need to go for a consensus. Consensus for the better future of war affected countrymen, majority of who are ahead with worst kind of miseries. Thousands, might be in lakhs made illiterate by war. They are lacking basic amenities of life like proper health, education, clean drinking water, shelter and even two-time meal. As responsible leaders, the negotiators or stake holders needs to realize miseries of these helpless and innocent people at this stage.

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